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Basic- FREE

Inspiration, integrity, courage, inner balance, freedom, equality, unity, alchemy, abundance

Bring new beginnings reduce fears commitment fearlessness freedom from what currently living knowing what something different don't know how to start

The colour is the diamond, for it illuminates and shines through darkness bravely express  our sacred self clears emotional and mental pain.


E books


Planner Chips

Practices Tools

and pre-release opportunity before the public for major events



Connect the physical to the higher self a path of evolution of the soul

Transformation, clarity, purpose, specific abundance, spiritual clarity, connect to heart, connect physical to the higher self challenges downloads of actions steps practises for Wellness and health

The colour sapphire attracts abundance it is for protection calms the mind strengthens intuition and invites spiritual clarity


the basic membership plus upgrade to workshops meditations recordings to keep mastermind classes weekly lives.



Transformation, ascend, train send, healing, higher consciousness, divinity, radiance, spirit mind body unity, enlightenment

The colours are gold and royal blue representing the connection of all living things in the universe gold represents glory divinity, kinship, eternity, eternal.

Royal blue represents the healing power of God


Inclusions of Basic and Sapphire membership

PLUS One private personal session with Gwenda per month

VIP attendance at webinars workshops

VVIP invitation to retreats, receive first invites

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