A Gala Event - a day of powerful learning to make a brighter happier world

“Light” the way for peace, harmony, joy, and happiness in the world. Begin with the power of conversation 

May 23, 2020

Pan Pacific Perth

What if every conversation you had was a moment of awe- inspiring energy? A burst of happiness and love?
What if we could be the power for peace in the world through our conversations? No more isolation, alone-ness, fear violence, suffering but rather harmony, uplift, happiness and joy?
What of our conversations could change your life and the world?
What if it was all about the way we engage in our conversations? Delving into conscious conversations we find a magical power.
The Conscious Conversation Conference is a whole day of powerful learning, new ways of listening and knowing how to enjoy conversations that are powered by happiness, insights, harmony and peace. 
It is a gala affair like no other with the sole purpose of bringing a new dimension to world.
A day of finery and poise, of nurture and nourishment for your heart, mind, and body. 
New friends, new opportunity and most of all a step forward for a new world for everyone.
Just like the pebble across the water, together we will today create the ripples out into the world.
Hear the way you can be a "Light" for a brighter, happier world as our speakers touch your heart, lift your spirit and inspire you to be stronger, courageous and step into your passion for life today, tomorrow and for the children of the future 
Are you ready?

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Why I do what I do…


I thoroughly enjoy being a trailblazer, non-conformist who brings outstanding results to people’s lives. She says “My approach is practical and sustainable it is for the “whole life” of a person not just their work life. Enriching a life is the most rewarding, empowering, motivating experience one can have.


Being instrumental in saving (literally) a life is an incredibly uplifting experience. I live what I teach, I am what I teach, and I love what I do.”

Gwenda has a vision of building strong communities around the Globe who are healthy fit and strong; mentally, emotionally and physically. 

In today's world there are so many people who are in disarray, unhappy, suffering many illnesses and depression.  

The wonders and beauty of our world are vital to our health and wellbeing, we must teach our children how to look after the world, their home. 

A vital part of well-being is to be empowered from within. Many people lose their sense of personal importance by way of self-esteem and self-worth, she strives to guide, lead, inspire and teach people how to regain their personal sense of value, self-worth and be empowered into their right of happiness and health

Her aim is to teach the people in the community how to achieve and live the life they want, how to be able to achieve the work position and job they want while embracing their culture and becoming empowered in themselves.

Building Strong Resourceful Generations:

The children of today are our future and Gwenda has worked with many young people who are finding anxiety, depression, overwhelm and illness becoming major factors in their daily lives. The increase in these unnecessary obstructions is something Gwenda is passionate about changing in her role as a “Way maker” wherein she facilitates the way for people to bring change to their life with ease. Her vision is to bring together a community of people and reach out across the world to make living enjoyable and easy for everyone .


Gwenda, is an accomplished, inspiring, motivating International speaker and presenter, her methods are raw and real. She is a compelling driver for change. A trail blazer and unconventional practitioner with a proven track record of success over 30 years. 

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The Conscious Conversation Conference Purpose

The Conscious Conversation Conference 2020 is supporting The Royal Flying Doctor Service

by donating a portion from ticket sales of the conference. 

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The Royal Flying Doctor Service is one of the largest and most comprehensive aeromedical organisations in the world, providing extensive primary health care and 24-hour emergency service to people over an area of 7.69 million square kilometres.

Its mission is to provide excellence in aeromedical and primary health care across Australia.