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10 foods and activities for days of enjoyment stress here...

Updated: Jan 31, 2018

You may have read some of the other blogs on my site or facebook page " Food for a life of Harmony" and "Food for a glorious life" so today I want to share with you the way to enjoyment even if you have experienced some stress in your day...that's life, suck it up and decide to move forward...yes you can!

Berries- Rich in antioxidants

Nuts and fish - high in omega brain food goodies

Fresh juices - for a blast of nutrients into the whole system - not fruit juice!

Conversation...yes talking is a "food" it's nourishing for the heart and soul when the words are from the heart with pure intent.

Write in a journal- clear the mind, free the heart

Make a meal from scratch with fresh ingredients, include herbs

Create a private space for just you...sit with yourself for a least 10 minutes

Walk barefoot in bush land or at the beach

Crunch an apple and savour the texture and flavour

Eat with pleasure in every bite.

To take up these activities and foods every day you will reduce the stress hormones in your organs, the heat within the body will diminish and peace and harmony will be restored.

Live a glorious life and a life of harmony, be pain, illness and imbalance free.


Harmonious, Enlightened, Aligned Life - H.E.A.L with Gwenda

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