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Gut Health

This is a favorite topic of mine, I am always amazed with the enthusiasm of my students when I present the “Healthy Gut, Healthy Life” workshops around our fine state of Western Australia. There is certainly an increase of awareness about “gut health” however the main message that people are taking from the media coverage is “Oh gut health is just eat healthy”? Or “ Gut health is about eating organic and I can't afford to do that” Or “ It means eat clean, whatever that is”.. Gut health is about food, however food is only one part of having a “healthy gut”. Recently I have been working with the parents of infants and toddlers who have all had very similar health problems, many with the same problem. Those being extreme eczema and dermatitis, eye irritations, bowel issues and even behavioral problems. When I mention gut health to the parents the most common answer I hear is “ Oh we eat really healthy” My first comment is I would be basking in the Bahama’s if I had a dollar for every client/student who has said that to me over the years! There is an old saying the “truth is a bitter pill” well I would rather swallow the pill of truth than a chemical concoction from a pharmaceutical company! Before anyone gets on the “wait a minute” wagon, yes medication is sometimes necessary....sometimes. And sometimes is not what you may think. The truth is that for every client/student I have worked with over my many years in health their idea of “eating healthy” is not the eating healthy which will provide you with a healthy gut, healthy life. Now a healthy gut means no eczema, dermatitis, skin rashes, bowel, or stomach problems, high blood pressure, extra body fat and the list is longer than than these few examples. To have a healthy gut you first need to ascertain what the imbalance is that is causing the gut problems. If you thought well I’m ok I don't have any of those issues but you have been or are on medication, if you have trouble with anxiety, sleeping, overeating, undereating,nervousness, anger outbursts and the list is longer again than theses few examples of an unhealthy gut! Here are a few more indicators of an unhealthy gut ...Autoimmune conditions, long term allergies, food intolerances Are you surprised, to find that an unhealthy gut shows up in many different ways from one person to the next. And the reason for that is because of the underlying triggers which have created the health issues. Would you believe that endometriosis is a “gut health” problem!? Well it is, so to my point that food is but one part of having a healthy gut. What do you think of when you hear or see the words “gut health”, perhaps you think of indigestion or a grabbable gut maybe peptic ulcers. The gut is a complex system which has a number of organs and supporting systems which include hormones ,the small intestine and colon and more . For you to have good “gut health” all of these organs and systems must be able to function fully,which is in optimum condition a bit like a brand new car! Gut health is your lifeline for a pain, illness, disease free, emotionally and mentally healthy life. To understand how to have optimum gut health start with being truthful with yourself and look into any conditions you have or are experiencing. Long term conditions means a very poor gut health, long term medications means an extremely poor gut health. Babies, infants, toddlers do not come into this world with gut health problems unless there was an existing issue in the gut of the mother or existing health problems with the father. Truth pill...truth bomb! And then on arriving they are exposed to a myriad of inflammatory conditions and fed more toxic “emotions”..oh now made you stop didn't it..emotions are the key contributor to the gut health issues..and then comes the food most often it is more inflammatory foods.Hence the gut health problems arise and often begin as reflux, allergies, bowel problems and nasty skin problems. Here are 5 actions you can take today to change the health of you and your family: 1.Clean out your pantry and fridge - all packet, processed, pretend food eg margarine goes in the bin. Including pasta, rice and bread...all goes in the bin. 2. Filtered water not tap water 3. Fresh salads, steamed veggies ( NO microwave) - eat with intent to taste not vacuum the food! 4. Eat at the table and enjoy upbeat happy constructive,loving and kind conversations -No phones, tablets etc 5. Reduce red meat to once a week, once a fortnight to not at all. Prevention is better than cure, why wait until you have a serious or ongoing problem, take your life in your hands and be well be healthy every day. Give your children the best start to their life and learn about real gut health. If you would like to know more I welcome you to connect with me or book your seat at the next “Healthy Gut, Healthy Life” workshop. H.E.A.L with Gwenda .

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