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Words & Distractions

Language is what we use to communicate in the world that we are in at present time. We refer to it as the 3rd Dimension, because it is the dimension where things are solid and tangible.

Words are our way of expressing ourselves in the hope of being understood and gaining material objects, this we might call purchase or bargain to gain a material object.

In recent times we have seen the enormous impact words have on the human psyche far beyond the want to simply li

ve in peace and harmony, far beyond the want to gain a material object. Instead, words have been reframed, redefined, and used with an agenda that is not in alignment with the soul of the human being.

The schooling system has undergone major changes in that children are no longer taught skills that will serve them in daily life or in their well-being. But rather to be reliant on technology and follow science as the dominant subject.

Words are powerful, and when we speak words they hold a vibrational frequency that affects every cell in the body and that of the listeners. It is said that Hitler was touted to say " I will never need to use a gun when I can use words to make people do as I will"

The human being is able to communicate on a telepathic level, however, in the 3rd dimension, the outer world presents powerful distractions which take us away from the innate and incredible power that we have dwelling within us, a power that is eternal.

How often do we create a response to our thoughts through the spoken word and respond to outside stimuli?

You see when you master your response to your thoughts and choose the reaction if any, you find your way to deep inner peace. And when you do that you can hear the powerful and amazing guidance from your soul, Guides, and Angels.

Don't get me wrong, we all have times when we respond quickly to someone or something. We have an emotional response to the feelings that we experience and that is all part of the human experience.

The power in all of that is in mastering the higher awareness and becoming aligned with your Divinity. In doing so you can live a peaceful, passionate, and fulfilled life.

Begin today by considering your words, before you speak them. Think about what it is you want to achieve or what you want in return for the words you speak.

Will the words you are about to say be of your highest good?

Will the words bring you a sense of peace, a feeling of love?

Words are only a tool for this world, use them wisely and you will embrace the joys of your soul every day.

Find answers to what is perceived as a problem with ease.

Spend time with others who value peace and harmony and who may be seeking the path to living a soul-led life.

Watch your thoughts as if reading a book then choose what you will respond to and how you will do that.

Namaste, and I wish you blessings for a life filled with harmony and the joy of your soul


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