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The School of WESH Student Investment

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Energy exchange: AUD$ 2,444 (save 20%)


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Energy exchange: AUD 2,444


                                                  School of W.E.S.H.

It is for you if you want your life to be rich fulfilling joyous peaceful and calm.

And to know how to master yourself, your life purpose, healing, and guidance.

It is the sanctuary of inner mastery, to be aligned with your enlightened self to be guided by your inner wisdom to be in Divine Union between heaven and earth.

What is in the school of W.E.S.H?

Live lessons with Gwenda





Learn how to be your healer.

Learn how to be guided by your intuition.

Learn how to hear the guidance of your Angels and Guides.

Learn how to connect with your loved ones in the spirit world.

Practises and tools to awaken and align you with your soul gifts.

Perth, Western Australia  |  Tel: 614079398180

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