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Gwenda Smith
A Leader in Integrated Wellness and Spiritual Healing Mentorship.
A Prophetic esoteric visionary. Mystic, Medical Medium, Healer, Divine Messenger between Heaven and Earth.

Nurturing and leading the Healers of tomorrow for the future of Humanity and the World.


 Gwenda is dedicated to helping you unlock your spiritual gifts and tap into your highest potential. "With a mix of spiritual guidance, healing, and self-love, I provide my clients with the tools and resources needed to align with their soul’s purpose."

"BE the power you can feel stirring deep within"

BE the passionate fire

that you feel in your heart"

Let me show you how to be in Divine union

"Master your Light"

"Shine your  Radiance"

     H.E.A.L with Gwenda 
          The School of Wisdom, Enlightenment, and Self-Healing 

Harmonious. Enlightened. Aligned. Life

Heal yourself

Heal others.

Gwenda Smith, Spiritual Mentor,Healer, Mystic, Medium, Speaker

Hello, I'm Gwenda.

"I believe everyone deserves to live a glorious life!"

​As a naturally gifted energy alchemist, mystic, and medical medium, my promise to you is that I will guide you to your inner power, and innate wisdom.


I am here to be of service to your Soul...

  • To lead you into your truth

  • To show you the way to your inner power

  • To open you up to abundance in all areas of your life so you may serve others as you are meant to do.

  • To guide you to know the powerful healer within.

  • To heal  your wounds so you can heal others

  • To guide you to master your gifts so that you may live a life of ease, and joy.

  • To guide you to master your gifts so that you may be of service to humanity.

  • To bring forward the Light of GOD for the future of humanity and Mother Earth.

  • To guide you to shine your Light and radiance.

  • A powerful  mentor of  soul alignment for you 


          "A Natural Spirit Medicine Woman"


Are you ready?

           What I can help you with?

Health issues that you, your baby, toddler, child, or teenager are experiencing.

Hospital visits to loved ones who are in a coma.

Healing through GOD's Divine light

Communicating with your loved ones in the spirit world.

Communicating with loved ones who have dementia, or Alzheimer's.

Communicating with pets

The unseen; Hauntings, spirits, unusual & unseen phenomena.

Unexplainable difficulties in your everyday life.

Find what is causing you to be unwell

How to live in this world as a naturally gifted soul.

Guest or keynote speaker at your event

Finding peace and serenity in your life

Learn how to be aligned with your soul's whispers and guidance

I offer you the ways to move from overwhelm and stress to deep peace and calm. To be heart-centered and move through experiences to create life-changing health and well-being, to be energised and heal spiritually, ignite and sustain your inner resilience, and align with life purpose, so you can have clear focus and direction, and a deeper self-confidence, create a greater fulfilled life and business with bigger results, and a richly rewarding future.

If this is what you have been looking for, I invite you to join our Society, click the button and I will see you on the other side. 

Gwenda Smith,
Inspiring Divine Union

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help with my child? Yes, I work with all ages.

My baby seems to be waking with night terrors can you help? Yes, I am able to see who is visiting your baby.

Do you do home clearings of bad energy?  Yes, I am very experienced in this area. I also clear and cleanse construction sites.

We have a spirit in our home can you talk to it and help? Yes, I have communicated with spirits all my life.

Do you do reiki? No, I am a natural, pure conduit of GOD's Divine light.

How is the healing different from reiki? I feel it is best to quote the common thing my clients say "I have never experienced sensations, like that in a healing before." And "That was absolutely blissful, amazing. So much heat and I felt there was more than you and I in the room"

Can you help me to develop my "gifts"? Yes, I have a dedicated School of W.E.S.H to help you.

Do you offer mind body, and spirit transformational programs? Oh, now you are talking about my favourite thing! I offer pathways for soul expansion and alignment. 

Do you run workshops? Yes, the best way to know about upcoming events is to become a member of the site.

Do you work Internationally? Yes, clients come from all around the world via online bookings. I also travel to international events to present workshops and speak. 

Do you help with gut health? Yes, I have specific protocols to balance an unhappy gut. "Healthy Gut Healthy life" There are 2 options, one is DIY online the other is a fully personalised pathway with personal sessions with me.

Can you help with fitness? Yes, I am a qualified & and experienced trainer. Also rehab trainer for pre and post-surgery, and pregnancy.

Do you do meditation? I sure do.

Have you written any books? Yes, I wrote Help me to H.E.A.L. which you can order on the site. I was one of the contributors to the Spiritual Dicosvery Journal, which can be ordered on-site too. I have contributed to a number of Wellness publications over the years.

Do you accept invitations to speak at events? Yes, If I am available and the event aligns with my work and practices. 

Are you open to interviews? Yes, if the request is from a business that is aligned with my dedication to bringing higher consciousness, and awareness to humanity for the future of humanity today and tomorrow.

"A single act of kindness
can cause ripples of healing."



Gwenda Smith, Inspiring Divine Union

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