There is nothing easy, simple or quick about making real-life changes to the way you think, eat, move or live.


What if there is a way to live a passionate, purposeful life from this day forward for the rest of your life? Are you truly ready to feel free,lighter, have more peace,joy, harmony, love, and money for the rest of your life? Then you are in the right place!


Hello I am Gwenda,


Welcome to the freedom of living a Harmonious Enlightened Aligned Life; H.E.A.L.

Here is a place of embracing new ways, learning, sharing, expanding your consciousness, changing habits for the best life, a glorious life. It is my greatest thrill to provide you with the keys to your life and the path to living a passionate, purposeful life every day.


Through my acquired knowledge, and life wisdom I facilitate programs for you, each one is full of the wonderful aspects of H.E.A.L, I do this in person and online.



Meet Gwenda

A Spirit Medicine Woman.

Spiritual Mentor

Ascension Master

 Natural Healing Practitioner 

My promise to you is that I will guide you to your inner power, innate wisdom and knowing how to be living a passionate, purposeful, H.E.A.L for the rest of your life.

Shed the layers of old ways, all that weighs you down, release your struggle, are you ready, truly ready?   Because time is ticking, and you have only one chance at this life so give it your best for your sake and everyone you love!

Connect with me in person or online, now.

I change lives with a proven track record, paving the way for amazing outcomes for so many people. Will you be next?



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Gwenda is One Woman's Country Director for Australia and New Zealand

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from Wellness Universe:


Gwenda is recognised for her contribution to bettering the world through the work that she does and we are honored to have her as an official #WUWorldChanger and #WUVIP (Wellness Universe Very Inspiring Person)!


Western Australia


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