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About Gwenda

Gwenda Smith, Internationally recognised mentor in Integrative  and Spiritual healing. A powerful, inspirational mentor for soul expansion

A Leader in Integrative wellness & Spiritual Healing mentorship. 

A powerful inspirational speaker.

Leader in     natural     Healing &  Spiritual Mentoring

"My promise to you is this, I will guide you to your inner power, innate wisdom and knowing how to live a passionate H.E.A.L for the rest of your life."

There truly is a way to live a purposeful life however nothing is easy, simple or quick about making sustainable changes to the way we (you) live. Learn to release your inner struggles, shed the old ways and the weight that holds you down to feel lighter. A life with passion, joy, harmony, and love is a life best lived.


Hello, I am Gwenda.

I am a authentic naturally gifted Spirit Medicine Woman, Spiritual Mentor, Natural Healing Practitioner.

Recognised International Speaker and Author


Welcome to the realm of  a Harmonious Enlightened Aligned Life; H.E.A.L.


Let’s embrace change by learning  new ways to share and expand your consciousness to live a glorious life. I will provide you with the keys and modalities to support you on this journey to lead and live with purpose.


Connect with me in person or online to: 

Book Your place at a retreat

Join  The Soul Mastery Collective.

Book me to speak at your conference or event

Join The School of W.E.S.H



Megan, Perth WA 

Gwenda is my life mentor. She has changed my life in so may ways. I was so totally lost in my life and I did not know which way was up. The direction I was heading was not a good one and she pulled me out of it. Gwenda, you have helped me be a better person to love myself again and to be happy with my wonderful life. Thank you for making me realise that I am worthy.


Megan. Perth WA

Natalie , Perth WA

Gwenda really is a life changer, mentor and true sage. She is such a wise and caring person and sees right through you. I look forward to learning more from this truly lovely lady :)

Sara. QLD

 I’m so pleased you are also focusing on speaking and doing presentations I find your words of wisdom long lasting, powerful, supportive and spot on.

Suzie Scarborough WA

Suzi WA

I never knew what it was like to be well until I met Gwenda and lucky for me with her guidance I now get to live the life of my dreams. You see I had a disease called endometriosis, which was incredibility painful and it limits what you can do in your everyday life. Along with gut and skin issues, life was honestly not much fun it was more surviving each day, which isn’t living. Working as one of Gwenda’s student’s as she likes to call her client’s I was able to unravel the emotional blockages I held, heal my gut, clear my skin up and gain so much energy which I have today as I write this. Best of all the endometriosis is a thing of the past, I’m pain free. Gwenda thank you so much for your patience, guidance and help on this journey, this work transformed my life


Isabella Perth, WA

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