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opens 1 May 2019

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01/19 - 01/23

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01/19 - 01/23



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01/19 - 01/23



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Shifting Gears

4 weeks

beginning 1 May 2019

Have you been standing on the brakes, holding yourself back? Is it time for you to “shift gears” to learn how to be present in all that you do, think and say? To live each day with ease and peace, be more resilient.


Would you like to feel more confident, being you?


If you have begun a journey of knowing more about who you are, releasing old learnings and behaviours but are not yet feeling confident in making the changes stick and feeling that you have an unshakeable foundation then this 4-week program is for you.


Over the 4 weeks we will delve into the resources you have within that are just waiting for you to shift your perspective and take your life to a new level.

What will you learn?

  • Understanding who you are today

  • Awareness practices to shift gears

  • A deeper connection to you which makes it easy being you every day

  • Greater resilience

  • How to let go of “stuff”

  • Past to present

  • How to shift your perspective

  • How to feel confident in being you

Move the cogs of old to make way for the amazing energy, and power that is innately yours.


12 weeks

beginning 1 May 2019

There is an art to living a Harmonious Enlightened Aligned life, this 12-week program is for you when you know you have put in the ground work and have come to that point when you know there is more that you can do, have and be.


It is most likely that you have read numerous self-help books, attended motivational seminars may even have worked with a coach or participated in courses but that is where it all begins and ends for most of us.

  • Learn how all that you have chosen in life has framed you to be who you are today

  • Learn how to differentiate between the frame of you and all you seek to be

  • Learn the art of good body works

  • Gut health for mental and emotional resilience

  • Learn about the Meridian energy lines of the body

  • How to release energy in the Meridian energy lines

  • Know the 7 systems of the body

  • Learn how to understand the effect of emotions on the organs of the body

  • Know your purpose in life

  • Learn how to align to your purpose


Over the 12 weeks we will connect your heart and soul, expand your consciousness, and awaken your limitless, infinite self.


6 weeks

beginning 1 May 2019

Can you feel it in your bones, see it in your smile…the feel of freedom?!

   Freedom to be vibrant, centred and aligned in your life every day.


What would it be like to be unleashed from all that has been?

Could it be that you have more money, the love of your life or the relationship you have only dreamed of?


Or would it be more of an incredible release of your true spirit, free of aches and pains and knowing how to listen to the messages of your body?

No matter which of these it is, in this 6 weeks you will learn how to be free to have all that you seek.

During the 6 weeks you will explore all that is in the 4-week program PLUS

  • The way to achieve abundance in all things of your life

  • How to create intentions that work

  • How to apply the art of daily practices that keep you aligned

  • How to hear the messages from your spirit

  • How to listen to your body  

  • How to heal pain and discord

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