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Broken Trust

In the beginning God created Man and Woman for the purpose of enjoyment of the living human experience. The “word” was all that the people lived by and in that they trusted. Life was all about trust, faith, hope and belief.

As a child I watched TV shows that depicted the family unit and all the typical issues a family experienced, my favourite was the Bill Cosby show. I was amazed to see that an African American family living on the other side of the world to me had exactly the same things going on that we did in our home. Bill Cosby created other stand up comedy shows were he talked about the “educated” people going to birthing classes while the “uneducated” people simply did what was natural. His show and many more like it were classics and they gave people a way to know that what they were experiencing was similar if not the same as other families.

These shows made people laugh, cry and know that life was so much the same for everyone no matter what colour or creed they were. Shows like this gave people hope and belief that things work out. In recent decades people came forward to claim they had been abused by “men of the cloth”. The Church came under scrutiny but it was all white washed and pushed aside until this past few years, however the damage and TRUST was broken for many people and they left the Church leaving behind their Faith, Hope, Trust and Belief.

With no Faith, Trust or Belief vast numbers of people turned to science to be their answer for everything, that is everything they could not understand, see or accept. Then came the movement of connecting to the “Universe” or “Source”, I guess it is better to have some kind of connection than none. However in none of this is there the Trust, Faith or Belief and certainly not HOPE! No amount of scientific research can give a man or woman an unwavering faith and an inner peace which can not be rocked or destroyed.

When I ask people about the “Universe” or “Source” not one can say just what that is and how it works for them other than “The Universe has my back”. When life goes down hill or throws a huge curve ball it is very difficult to feel that connection to the “Universe” In fact the most common reaction I have seen is the person desperately seeking the solution from another person,a medical practitioner or similar. There is fear, panic, distress and pain rather than peace ,calm, hope and knowing through prayer that the solution is within not without.

In recent times the healing practices, which were in the beginning those of Jesus of Nazareth have been turned into a study certification or university degree creating deeper and further disparity to any Faith, Trust, Belief and Hope. More sadly taken up to boast ones self in the current tide of what is trending a little like riding the biggest wave until the next one comes along .Those who claim to be “Spiritual” (the other word used to set one apart from another) lay claim to their proficiency in delivery of healing practices through the certification or degree, however for the most part those who have taken this path remain void of unwavering Faith, Hope, Belief and Trust.

In recent time women have come forward to accuse Bill Cosby of abuse. Followed by the same type of accusations against other very well known people even the the President of the USA. All of these events have created a deeper loss of Trust and when the people involved are those who either hold positions of high authority or have been much loved and held in high regard it further severs any hint of Faith, Hope and Belief.

Or does it? You see the knowing of inner peace through an unwavering Faith, Trust Hope and Belief can not be deterred or destroyed when it is with GOD or if you prefer the Almighty Divine. But when we are void of the knowing and connection to GOD there is no possibility of unwavering Faith, Trust, Hope and Belief.

To be of the notion that the outside world, the media, the Government, the medical system is where all answers and hope can be found is the notion of a fool. A blind fool at that.

To live a life of harmony, enlightenment, to be aligned to your eternal flame of life and the light of GOD is where the answers to all of your life and woes can be found.

Faith,Hope, Trust and Belief can not be found in a science journal or a Government ruling, a medical procedure or the newspaper.

In GOD I trust.

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