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Do you know how to access your key?

Endlessly we search for the way, the answers. Forever looking outside of our-self..and all the while we hold the key...

So much of our life is spent looking to everyone and everything around us for the answers. Answers to the never answerable questions that begin with "Why...?" Answers to the question that begin with "How could that..."

Have you asked these questions? You feel the anxiousness rise in your body, the shorter breaths come faster and sometimes even a feeling of dread as the issue seems to be growing bigger and looks like there are no answers. The issue or situation is never going to go away or get better.

Have you sat with friends and family and had them ask you those questions? You hear the plea in their voice as they reach out to you to provide the answer. Not just any answer but the one answer that will bring them peace, settle their mind and heart. As if by a miracle you can be the one to make sense of the issue or situation they are in. When we ask "why" we will never be satisfied with the answer we hear, especially when we ask someone to tell say "why" they treated us in some way or why they did something. The reason for that is that the answer will not placate what our heart wants. It is easy to test that out when family or friends ask us to answer their "why" or "how could" How do we find the answers that brings us the peace, calm and happiness we long for? Well, we hold the key to all the answers...even to the reason for a washing machine breaking down a dish washer tat repeatedly blocks up. Now that sounds really weird, right! How could we have anything to do with machines and cars breaking down! Everything around us everything in our life is a reflection of our inner self. Where do we find the key and learn to turn it, to open the answers? By learning to be still, to listen to go within and most of all to stop looking outside for the answer, for the solution. The outside is only the reflection, the opportunity for us to hear the direction the guidance of our heart and soul.. I will say this is an art something that we are not taught, it is like a garden it requires tending,pruning,seeding, patience and cultivating. If you would like to access your key to be able to feel calm, loving, lighter, brighter, happier life I welcome you to reach out to me, for I am able to guide you there.

Gwenda Smith - Spirit Medicine Woman

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