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I Walked The Same Path

I walked the same path today, though nothing was the same.

The gentle breeze swept around my body and caressed my face.

Carrying with it the smell of the newly blossomed roses, spring flowers and fresh cut lawn.

The sound of the busy roads, lawn mowers piercing through the air.

The sun was high in the sky, the feel of its rays were warm on my skin.

I saw the beautiful new blooms in gardens, a lady weeding her garden, today I saw the beautiful balastrading on the front of her home.

Further along the path I stopped to give my body some release through yoga postures, the feeling was different. The sensations in my back body were liberating as I felt the rush of energy fill my body.

When I finished doing the postures, I stopped for a bit to look at the blooms on a bottlebrush tree, such a rich and bright red.

I took 2 of the flower in my hand to feel the delicateness and softness of the blooms, neither were the same as in life nothing is the same at any given moment.

Turning to begin my walk home I was saying a prayer of healing for a dear young lady.

As I closed the prayer I felt the need to look to the ground, and there by my foot was a beautiful, unusual white feather. I picked it up and smiled...I knew it was an answer to my prayer.

As I walked on I noticed an ant making its way across the footpath, it was carrying something larger than itself, a food of some sort perhaps.

Nearer to home I saw a bee being carried by a brigade of ants, a life had ended.

I mused at the wonder of nature. Up ahead I saw a lady with her greyhound dog, crossing the road, he limped toward me.

We stopped and chatted I enjoyed a cuddle and connection with the dear dog, and sent healing energy to his leg while I embraced him.

Home again, I looked over the big blooms of the iceberg roses in my garden, I always dreamed of having a circle of white roses in my front yard, and so it is.

I walked the same path today, though nothing was the same. And so it is in life that nothing is the same at any moment of any day. And when we embrace that knowing we can find peace, calm and a knowing for all that is before us.

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