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Master of Life

Have you heard the saying " Draw a line in the sand"? When you decide to draw a line in the sand it means that you have had enough of a situation and it is finished, on one side of the line is what has been and on the other where you stand is the new and present.

You can draw a line in the sand at the end of every day, this tells your soul that you are done with all that has been in the day and you are ready to rest and begin the new day when it dawns.

I had the honour of facilitating a healing for a lovely lady today. As the healing came to a close, this message came for her; " The repressed anger held in your heart needs to be released, the mourning held in your uterus needs to be healed and released." To this she asked " Can you teach me how to do that, it has all been there for such a long,long time, and can you teach me how to let go of the habits I have used to manage in my life?"

Healing is for everyone,not only is it for everyone it is possible for everyone. It is really quiet wondrous when you step forward and courageously to let all that has been be and go, and all that is to simply BE.

Sometimes the experiences and circumstances we encounter can seem insurmountable and we pull up every form of self preservation that we can possibly find, but then without knowing we continue to live with all of that armor and within the amour is all of the fear, hurt, agony, anger, sorrow that we hold captive to ourselves often for many, many years.

The soul searches for ways to make us stop, to be still, to listen to the heart but no, we attach ourselves to any THING or any one person while wearing the heavy suit of armor laden in the woes and hurt. The body succumbs to the pain of the soul by becoming ill, wracked in pain or disease.

Holding onto the lost past, the things that were lost or taken from us, the incidents that hurt us..all of this is what brings us torment and health issues.

Nothing...that is NO thing is forever in this life, we came from NO thing, we came with NO thing and we go back to NO thing so why do we insist on holding onto EVERY thing, especially all that brings us pain?

For every dark day there is light, for every light day there is darkness. This is the way of life, there can not be all dark or all light. You can choose to be consumed by the light or the dark either way it will bring you to what humans call suffering.

When you give yourself the gift of honouring all that is you and you learn to be the observer of all that is and has been in your life, then you are the Master of your life.

In case you are wondering what my answer was to the lady asking "Can you teach me"? It was " That is the most favourite part of my work, nothing delights me more than to see pain and anguish being released so that the heart and soul can sing and dance once again"

For you to begin the wondrous journey of being the Master of your life here are 5 simple things to do each day: 1. Close every day, no matter what has occurred leave it behind. 2. Begin every new day with gratitude, freshness and a new perspective 3. Sit, breath deeply, breath out slowly...slower..slower 5 times 4. Make a promise to do something that lights up your heart 5. Embrace and delight in high vibration, high energy conversations.

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