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Resilience of Humanity

Princess Dianna, Mother Teresa, Jesus Christ walked among the sick and those who were ostracised from the community without fear.

Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela are famous for their pursuit of tolerance, acceptance, kindness and compassion for all of mankind.

Racism, intolerance, segregation by colour, creed, religion, status, education have been the greatest downfall of humanity throughout time. In some ways, one might say that racism has changed but I would beg to differ, some say that tolerance is much greater now than ever before, I would beg to differ.

One man wanted a supreme white race out of that came the holocaust, another man wanted to overthrow another country for his own greed, and eventually, Napolean Hill was fallen.

Throughout history, there has been repeated demise of the peaceful human being seeking only to live their lives and enjoy all that life can bring to them.

In every instance of murder, genocide, and destruction of lives it has been through the whim of one man who cultivated the same desires with a handful of followers who then used the threat of death to create an army to do his beckoning. And that fear would override even the most loving person to trade his love to save his own life.

That fear of loss of life is the most powerful and has been used over hundreds of years against those who would not relent and follow the narrative or want of the beast, that which appeared to be a man.

The heart of a man that carries within it the light of GOD and the sacred unity of the soul with GOD's light knows pure love, joy, peace, and seeks only to live in harmony with all humans and creatures of the earth.

In such a heart racism, intolerance, non-accpetnace, apartheid, hatred, segregation, judgement can not reside.

In this time of the world it is said that we have advanced, to that I say "How so"? And typically the reply is " Technology".

Technology is not the way of the heart that holds the light and grace of the Divine, nor is technology a fundamental of the human being, for the fundamentals of humanity, are kindness, compassion, tolerance, love, peace and joy.

In recent decades there has been a great upsurge of what has been called, awakening, consciousness, spirituality. It is now evident that that shift in awareness has bought many hearts back to knowing their truth and in doing so has prepared many humans for the war that is taking place in the world at this time. make no mistake this is a war, but unlike any other, that has been seen on earth before.

The truly sad part of this war is that it is not one man, it is not a handful of devout followers to the cause, it is in fact a conglomerate of soulless, nonhumans who are darker than the night.

At this time in the world, we are seeing the greatest apartheid, segregation, judgment all driven through fear. Once again fear for personal mortality.

To discriminate against another human being is a punishable offence, yet we see the discrimination hurtling from mainstream media, as they use the power of spin to the unawakened, those who are in fear of something they are yet to see.

In the time of the Nazis, they called the Jews rats, the Hutus of Rwanda called the Tutsits cockroaches and snakes.

Today we see the name-calling and labelling being flouted daily by the Politicians and journalists using the term "anti-vaxxers" to create segregation, fear, intolerance.

Tell me again how far we have come?

When we are seeing the very same traits of the past being used to unhinge humanity.

Is it possible that discrimination is the greater of intolerance and non-acceptance, will it be the most harmful failing of mankind to be the tool of power in this war?

This war is a galactic spiritual war, it is not like anything seen in the history of mankind ever before.

However, nothing and no- thing can override or supersede the power of the soul that is in unity with the light of GOD or if you prefer, the Almighty Divine.

In the 21st Century, we now find ourselves facing a beast that shows itself in many forms, but the beast is incapable of the wonders of human beings and the incredible resilience of humanity.

Every day, hold your heart strong in faith and love, find peace in the stillness and silence within. No matter what is apparent to you at any moment stay strong in yourheart. Peace be with you, may the grace of GOD be yours.

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