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Society Wants Sameness

To conform makes life easier for everyone, right!?

Society is defined as the collective of a group of people who share the same ways of living. The collective makes the rules and ways to conform within the society.

But at what cost is conformity?

At a soul level, we know decency, morals, ethics and most of all to "love thy neighbour as one would love thyself". This is the pure essence of a Divine soul of GOD, which is materialised incarnated in the 3D world as a human being.

To conform is to be the same, to live the same, to not be different or unique. This goes against the way of the purity of the human soul. It is not anarchy that we are talking about here, not even close.

In recent times we have seen an overreach of societies' want for conformity.

To conform removes you from your essence, it creates a false sense of the self.

Society wants you to conform because it wants sameness, meaning all human beings follow without question, this in itself removes the gift and power of free and critical thinking. Which is an incredible and unique gift bestowed to human beings by the creator which to me is GOD or the Almighty Divine.

Without the alignment to the uniqueness of one's soul, we are limited, lost, powerless and unhappy. The experiences of the 3D world overwhelm and suffocate us to our very core.

Society wants to label us when we have an imbalance that way we can be accepted by society on the whole.

To be in a place of unconditional acceptance is to know unconditional love and freedom of the heart and soul . Through this we are able to embody and embrace soul growth, we evolve and awaken to our highest self. Which is what the purpose of the incarnation in human form is all about.

But society wants to label you, so that "it" can accept you. And so that you fit into their ways their obedience and not have the issue of you having a free mind, to BE the beauty and expression of your soul.

When those in society who conform have a label for you they can rest easy. They can explain your behaviours and response so that it appeases them!

So they feel just and right to explain your way of being, for who you are! So then they can fit you into their society.

To accept you as you BE is too hard. It bends the conformist out of shape and they struggle to accept someone that is different.

Yes, we say not paying your way is not the right way to live. Not cleaning or looking after someone's property is not right. And there is merit in all of that.

However, that is not deserving of a label so that the person fits in to appease society.

To BE your unique and amazing self is to not conform, rather it is to live to the wonders of your soul. There are no higher morals and ethics than that of the human soul.

BE a soul-led human being, live to the joy and wonderment of your soul.


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Maria Bateman
Maria Bateman

Thank you Gwenda, how true. By not conforming and listening to my little soul has in the past got me into trouble. But, I could feel that Smile within me that felt so good.

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