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The Elephant in the room

A conversation stifled by intense emotions, fear, uncertainty, and at times a smattering of anger. While the participants try to maintain control of their surging emotions they smile and attempt to be light-hearted, but still the highly charged sensations rise in their bodies, all driven from a place of the unknown.

Has there ever been a bigger elephant in the room than right now? For some, we might say no, but for many hundreds of humans, they will say yes, I have been here before. I have felt this tremendous rise of fear, uncertainty, disparity, dread and felt the anger as people struggle to find their way through the maze of new rules put upon their way of life. The feeling of being paralysed as we are forced into uncertainty, loss of possessions, and even our identity.

Polarised by fear, unable to think clearly, instead swept up in a tsunami of new information that simply doesn't seem to be anything like the life they know. Fear of loss of money, possessions, family, friends, and of the unknown. Other than death these fundamentals of life outweigh any known fears.

The funny thing about money is it is attached to your own personal story but in this case of the elephant in the room, it generates the biggest fear of all, as it is intrinsically linked to what we see as to how we are able to live our life.

Is that true, I will leave that to you to decide.

This time of the world where the majority of people's life is about busyness, rushing, achieving, gaining more wealth, status, success, awards, accolades, planning for a big future I mean why not dream big, right! To watch this be a way of life, it is little wonder that fear is consuming the masses as they are attached to the material things, the status along with being in debt, financially shackled to mortgages and credit cards.

Don't get me wrong I love nice things, I love fine china and French champagne but is that what my life means to me? Absolutely not. Am I defined by anything that I own? Certainly not. Am I defined by anyone, oh no way!

So, to the elephant in the room, you may want to hold on tight, or perhaps you can join me in becoming the relaxed observer accepting to widen the lens and to face the elephant. As we explore the elephant in the room, it is what has been labeled covid 19.

It is the conversation that divides family, friends, work colleagues. It is the uncertainty of life as we have known it to be. It is the perception that is creating a belief that to live a life of freedom one must have an injection followed by more and more of the same.

The elephant in the room is not the label covid 19 as it appears to be, the elephant in the room is fear.

To overcome any fear one must face the fear head-on, step right into it, sense and feel it, breathe into it. Know where it sits in the body and mind.

Once you have found where it sits then give yourself the time to ascertain what it is holding you to, what is it that you truly fear?

Is it really the loss of material possessions, I mean you've worked long and hard for everything you have, right? Your children are only young you want the best life for them, is it fear for their lives that is holding you feeling polarised?

From where I sit, I see this tremendous disturbance in the world as cleansing, clearing, and healing. For too long mankind has trashed mother earth, become more and more consumed by technology and fakeness. The mindless society I call it, where people reply on a gadget to tell them how many steps to take in a day, to know what they should eat and to know to take a breath or to sit in stillness, some call it meditation, so they have an app to remind them to pause and take time to be in a quiet space, just 2 minutes maybe 5 minutes, is all they can spare in the busyness. The fake lawn, paving and concrete rather than flowers, trees, and beauty so that their garden needs no tending, this is a direct reflection of how one tends their own wellbeing, you see the human being is like a garden, the nurturing and tending is the way to cultivate a beautiful mind and strong body.

On a deeper more spiritual level it is the way to be at peace and in harmony with one's essence, that is the soul.

This is a time of clarity like never before, as the veil of the false world of consumerism and materialism is destroyed, yes destroyed. You see in clarity there is rich wonderful rawness, natural order and natural beauty for in that is where mankind flourishes, in the natural order of all living things.

Will this be the way for all of humanity, sadly not. Because there will always be those who are so deeply attached to their belief of the identity of self is by one's possessions and status.

Conforming and riding the wave of the dense energy of the tangible world.

And this my friend is perfectly ok as we are all here for our own lived experience and it shall be what we deem it to be, so to the elephant in the room, what will you choose to do with it? How will you overcome that fear and the sense of conforming to the uncertainty?

My hope is that you choose to see the wonder of natural beauty that surrounds you every day, look to all that is in your life at each moment, and be in that moment while holding a sense of love and harmony. For tomorrow is not a promise it is a gift, today is what is and all that is.

Blessings to you.

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1 Comment

Maria Bateman
Maria Bateman
Oct 03, 2021

I sense that storm of 'fear' all around me and see my little light flickering with the words 'God is my protector'

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