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The Gifted Soul...No One is Gifted!

It has been some 10 years maybe more that we have seen a massive increase of weekend courses to become psychic, a healer, clairvoyant and the likes. Even to become a Shaman.

In this time of the so called "consciousness" movement I have heard people say and I have read the phrases bantered around; " There is no more them and us, we are all the same, we are one." Then there has been this one " No one is gifted, we are all intuitive we are all the same"

As the way of the world has become so very imbalanced and life has been consumed by busyness with many people losing their way in their life. Being overcome by overwhelm, anxiety, sleeplessness and constant worry. Fear and fret is a more common way to live instead of harmony and joy.

The increase in disease and illness has been incredible, which is ironical given that we consider ourselves to be so much more advanced.

The uncovering of what has been hidden by the disgraceful abuse of children by "men of the cloth" has taken people away from belief systems, it has made them more wary and untrusting. All of which leads to disharmony and fear.

These factors have opened the way for those in the alternative modalities to make a lot of money through creating weekend courses for the lost,overwhelmed, sick and vulnerable with the promise to become healers, psychics, clairvoyant even Shamans.

There is no doubt at all that everyone has the ability to self heal, and we all have a 6th sense, that is our intuition or as some call it their gut feeling, this is part of the human experience.

In fact in decades gone by it was the way of life, to be attuned to the 6th sense, the highest intuition.

To live in alignment with the 6th sense provided amazing awareness, so much so that people were able to save themselves and their families from death, being slaughtered, famine and flood.

However as the world has changed, supposedly advanced, and it has become more a life consumed by consumerism, materialism, busyness and stress so many people lose that ability to live by the guidance of their intuition.

To realign to your intuition and ability to self heal is the way to living a life of harmony , peace and joy.

That said any course that offers you the practices and paves the way for you to realign to your own intuition and ability to self heal is well worth the investment. Providing the person who facilitates the course has a complete understanding of how intuition and self healing work and how to safely realign you to those innate treasures.

The comment that "No one is gifted" can only be said by someone who themselves is not gifted and has no understanding of what it is to be gifted.

Clearly they have not had any experience of knowing a truly gifted soul nor have they had any of the experiences of a Gifted Soul.

Those who say " We are all the same" are a long way short of understanding the abilities of a gifted soul let alone what it is to be gifted. I would have to ask the question, what is behind their words, what is their agenda?

A truly Gifted soul lives among you and you most likely will not even know it.

The truly gifted soul is able to see and communicate with the unseen.

It is not a feeling or a sense it is raw and terrifying for many. It is real.

This is just one of the traits of the gifted soul

A truly gifted soul has abilities that go beyond the comprehension of the ordinary mind and abilities which defy science.

Magic and alchemy are part of the life of the truly gifted soul. Just as knowing the darkness and other worlds. The Elemental kingdom, of faeries, elves and more, all of which is a natural way of life for the truly gifted soul.

No one can teach another person to be "gifted", just as no one can teach another person to be clairvoyant. You either are or are not, it is something that is gifted not a given.

There is so much to this on a soul level and it is the Gifted soul who has the ability to see into souls.

Gifted souls are often tormented in this life, they end up living in recluse or being addicted to drugs just to get through another day. The things they can see and feel creates trauma and horror for them,unless they have someone who can guide and help them understand how to be aligned to this life and all that they experience. Not all gifted souls are to be of service to mankind. Their reason for incarnation is not necessary for others to know.

The things that they experience were what had them put into asylums in years gone by, treated for schizophrenia or multiple personality disorder. This is a gifted soul who has not had anyone to help them, who has not been able to speak about what they see and hear. These case are very sad. And I wonder now if those who say " We are all the same" or " no one is gifted" would still say that with gusto!?

If you have met me or worked with me you will know the story of Shonagh, a beautiful passionate, talented young woman. Her dream was to be a hairdresser, at 16 her dream began to come to fruition, as the weeks ,months went on she was more and more terrified of all that she was seeing and feeling every time she put the drape over a client or touched their head and shoulders.

Shonagh was a very powerful gifted soul and she is not alone there are many of us in this world. I know first hand what she would say to anyone who says "No one is gifted"

or "We are all the same"

To all who say such things ...You have no idea how wrong you are!

In closing should you come upon some one who states " We are all the same" or " No one is gifted", I would suggest you are speaking with a person who knows little to nothing of the unseen and other life forces.

The life of the Gifted Soul is amazing, wondrous and exceptional for all that it brings and all that the gifted Soul is able to bring to the people they connect with.

My blessing to you is that you be blessed every day, that you know you are different and that is perfectly fine.And that you find those who understand you and can guide you to live your life passionately and in harmony with one and all.

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