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The Power of Combining Free Thinking & Critical Thinking

It is thought that our brain creates our thoughts and that it is in the mind that we hold thought and the responses to those thoughts. Or is that the mind creates the thoughts, and the brain responds?

Bear with me here if you will, is it that the mind and brain are two separate things?

Let us take a quick class in human anatomy, if we were to open the skull, we can see the organ known as the brain. Within the brain we would see hundreds of folds, valleys, a stem, and two distinct regions of the organ, these are called the hemispheres. Medical science has found that the hemispheres control the muscles of the left and right sides of the body. And the areas which relate to or control the senses and the ability to comprehend and communicate.

There is still much to know about the functions of the human brain, which modern science concedes. But one thing that science has yet to determine is how thought comes to be. Yes, they have been able to show the electrical impulses and how they travel around the brain but not how a thought is produced. There are certainly theories but not evidence.

So, to my initial question, are the mind and brain two different parts of the human being?

We know that we study and in doing so we use the comprehension and communication areas of the brain, through which we can learn new skills. It was once thought that the brain is not able to develop new neural pathways which allow for new ways of thinking and learning new things, but that is now defunct. As we can indeed create new neural pathways and this is how we are able to change habits, ways of thinking, and reacting. Some would refer to these things as patterns that do not serve us for the life we wish to live. Nor our wellness and health.

There are two ways to use our ability to think, one is free-thinking the other critical thinking.

It is in my observation and lived experiences that to be both a critical and free thinker would be most advantageous to living a life that is wholly holistic and as such one would be able to live a soul-led life. In that is to be living a life of peace, joy, and harmony and enjoy good health.

In this current time of the world, I see that the skill of being a critical thinker is where one can draw greater awareness, manage the events that are taking place in the world, and be a free thinker is the way to remain aligned to our soul and heart. Thereby to be living in a higher level of awareness and consciousness.

To be a critical thinker is not something that is a natural way of thinking for most of us, there is a combination of skills to learn and to apply and practice every day. Just as one would when learning anything new. To be a free thinker means that we have a deep connection to our authentic self, to be aligned with all that is beyond our knowing through faith, belief, and trust.

The skills for being a critical thinker are the ability to analyse without conditioned thoughts, be open-minded to accepting new ways of thinking, and alternatives, find and apply solutions, rather than focus on the perceived problem, and be able to communicate the reasoning for the conclusion and concepts that one reaches.

It is my experience that when the free thinker combines the skills of critical thinking there is a far greater level of consciousness that goes beyond what science can explain about the power of the human mind and brain.

The critical thinker questions, analyses, and research all that is put to them rather than simply accepting and following. The free thinker retains their sovereignty and uniqueness as they were created to BE.

At this time in the world, for the sake of humanity, I see that the more of us who take up this way of thinking the better place the world will be. The more harmony and joy there will be for all mankind.

Gwenda Smith, a Spirit Medicine Woman.

Spiritual & Holistic Wellness Mentor, Educator.

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