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The Tsunami Within

A tsunami is a most feared natural event, I must admit it was not a word I had ever heard before the news of Boxing Day

2004 when a massive tsunami crashed its way across the islands of Indonesia. INpartulcar destroying lives homes and everything it's way on the island of Banda Aceh.

Ever since then there have been changes made in the way that weather bureaus watch the swell of the ocean, the movement of the plates of the earth, and other factors that alert them to a possible tsunami.

The fear that the news of a tsunami brings is palpable, I remember being in Bali one year and as we walked along the roadside looking out over the ocean I said to my friends that ocean looks rather odd, the swell was somehow different, the colour of the ocean was different. I quietly said "it looks like there is a tsunami around the place"

Well, low and behold the next day there were emergency measures in place all around the island of beautiful Bali.

The fear of locals and tourists was palpable, and so very evident on their faces. I am glad to say, fortunately, it did not come to a full-blown tsunami.

So a tsunami is silent, yes there are signs that the weather watchers know, but the power and roar of a tsunami are silent, that is until it can be seen, by then it is too late as it has hit land and will destroy everything in its path.

I see a new type of tsunami every day, it is the same as the natural event in that it is silent, has tremendous power, and is destructive. The difference is the tsunami I see is within the physical body of many human beings.

It saddens me so very much to see the tsunami gathering power as it makes its way through a beautifully healthy body.

Sickness and illness are caused by imbalances of the body-mind and spirit. Most often such illnesses and sicknesses can be healed, the body is its own amazing healer when it is nurtured the right way.

There is a sickness rising like a tsunami within the body, mind, and spirit of many people. And like the tsunami, it is unseen until it is too late. It crashes and annihilates all in its path, you may try to run to higher ground but you can not outrun the power of the ocean.

In this case, the tsunami is within the body, it can not be removed, it can not be healed by the body.

It is swelling in the cells and organs until one day the full force is felt and then there is silence, then there is nothing.

I know you have it, I see it in your eyes.

I know you have it, I see it in your skin.

I know you have it, I see it in your heart.

I know you have it I see it in your liver, kidneys, and spleen.

I know you have it I see it in your blood.

There was a time when I fought to help you see, there was a time when I pleaded for you to see.

Like the ocean you washed away all of my pleas, my want to help you see, to make you see.

I have made peace with my want to make you see.

I have stepped aside from my fight to make you see.

I have stepped back to watch as the tsunami rises within you.

I know there is nothing I can do to stop the tsunami, I can not be the higher ground nor the mountain for you to run.

I know I will say goodbye.

I pray with all my might your soul be saved and lifted to the Highest of GOD's Kingdom

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