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Truth is Freedom to the Heart and Soul

Truth is raw, often compelling, and often too much for us to hear.

Truth is liberating and frees a heart that is burdened, and it gives the soul room to breathe and BE.

Truth is said to be subjective and why wouldn’t it be, for our truth is formed from our perception and perceptive of an experience that is personal.

Our truth is often different from someone else because we feel truth from a place of pain and old stories that are woven into our mind as if real.

Now you might be thinking of course it was real I had this or that happen to me it was real.

The funny thing is we are great weavers of our life experiences and as time goes by any pain and unresolved wounds become a different truth.

Have you ever listened to someone tell the same story over and over, have you noticed the pain and the vitriol or the intensity with which they tell the story?

This is not truth; it is pain and often there is resentment and bitterness about a person or situation that is believed to have created immense hurt to the one sharing the story.

Truth is easily distorted and when we carry unresolved pain and hurts, we can find it difficult to trust anyone. Our truth and belief of someone being truthful are jaded.

The golden rule of truth is harm none.

When we vent at someone or espouse the hurt that we believe someone has caused us we are not abiding by the rule of truth, instead we are bringing more hurt and pain to ourselves. And in doing so we create more burden on our heart and soul.

On a higher energy level, we are creating a line of distorted and disruptive energy between ourselves and the other person. This overtime creates tremendous illness and discord to the other person and us.

When we heal old stories, we bring such freedom and ease to our physical bodies and mind. Beyond that we give ourselves the opportunity to hear the wisdom of our soul and to feel the immense love and joy that is in our heart, this is our natural way of being.

Then there is the other truth, one that is a deliberately orchestrated truth that is created by world leaders and big organisations. This is what we call the system, it is that which the greater population believes to be reality and therefore truth.

Currently, in the world, there is a lot “happening” that is bringing distress, imbalance, and disharmony to humanity. The things that are being played out will be felt more intensely by people who hold a lot of pain and old stories in their hearts and mind.

This illusion of reality is yet another attempt to bring humanity to its knees. We have only to look back over the years of not so long ago, say 80 – 83 years, that might sound like a long time but in the scheme of things it certainly isn’t. Think of a relative who is around that age, now it is not so old is it!?

Truth is what is known in our heart and soul, we can feel when something doesn’t sit right. And when we pay attention to that feeling we can find solutions and feel at ease with peace and calm every day.

When we live from a true place of truth, we can be bold, fearless, and strong. We can be the conduit to bring the light of the Divine into the world for all of humanity to live in harmony and happiness.

I cannot abide by the misrepresentation of the truth, nor will I stand by and let the illusion and deliberate attempt to bring humanity to its knees “happen”.

I invite you to subscribe to my new YouTube channel and would be most grateful and humbled to have you join me in my place of truth and inspiration for the truth to be known, to rise in courage and boldness to make this the world of harmony and happiness that humanity is so very deserving of.

TRUTH is freedom for the heart and soul. TRUTH is the basis of grace and goodness for humanity.

Gwenda Smith

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