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Your Body Doesn't Lie

How often have you heard these kind of statements from family or friends maybe a work colleague, perhaps you have said them yourself?

"My back is killing me", " I am in so much pain all the time","My shoulder is frozen,"

" I get migraines all the time", "I have 6 months to live I have cancer"...."I am so heart broken"..."I keep having accidents"

What if there was a way to know what these pains and injuries are about,do you think you would do anything to make the pain go away?

Would it change your life to be free of the constant pain and interruptions to your life. To feel free to move and do everything you want to do?

Many of the people I have worked with over the years, lament their "pain" as if it were part of them and many accept that it is who they are, they frame themselves around their pain or illness.

When it is a repeated pain such as headaches, PCOS, migraines, heart attack,stroke,shoulder problems they accept that it is back again or just another episode.

Feeling anxious and overwhelmed becomes a daily way of living for so many people and they accept it as who they are.

I have even heard people making Dr appointments weeks in advance "Just in case"

You might recall my questions to you earlier,"What if there was a way to know what these pains and injuries are about,do you think you would do anything to make the pain go away?

Would it change your life to be free of the constant pain and interruptions to your life. To feel free to move and do everything you want to do?"

If you answered "Yes...but, there isn't or the Doctor would have told me." Or perhaps you are thinking " I have had these problems for years it is just how life is for me" then I would urge you to think again.

Go and make a cuppa and come back get comfy and get ready to find out some new things that just might be a reminder or totally new to you, either way the read will be good for your heart and soul.

Did you know that the human body is made up of electrical circuits, neurons that receive and send messages to every cell of the body. The heart is a muscle which pumps blood around the body and in that blood is nutrients, oxygen and other vital life force micro-nutrients. The heart is completely reliant on the electrical currents and relative messages from the central nervous system.......or is it!?

What if the electrical circuit and central nervous system of your body were completely reliant on how you think and react or how you feel and respond? Look at that a few more times,what are you thinking?

What are you feeling? Now this is where most people run away and become oh so busy.

When you constantly reference the "pain" you are lamenting, you are not able to hear the message from your soul, it is trying to get you to look at the pain you are feeling and if you listen to the words you use and look at where you feel the pain you can learn how to unlock what it is that is blocking you in your life.

Pain is the call from your soul and spirit wanting your attention so it can free you, release you, to bring you to a life of peace,calm and harmony.

All of what you feel has a fear behind it, a long time perhaps generational hurt and conditioning that has been handed on to you by your ancestors. Science calls this your DNA and have in recent times discovered that the link from generation to generation can be found in the DNA, this is why they will use the term "genetic inheritance."

When you are without fear you are free of pain.

How can fear be anything to do with a physical pain, illness or disease you ask.

We all experience situations and events throughout our lives that can bring us to feelings of being insecure, unworthy, lost, unhappy,fretful,scared and in every one of these feelings is the fear of not being loved, cared for, supported or being enough.

Did you know that every reaction you have to a feeling creates a disturbance in every single cell of your body and over time these disturbances manifest into a physical, emotional or mental pain,illness or disease.

A chronic illness is the long term effect of the affect of your environment and feelings. Even more amazing is that it could all belong to someone else, now that is an eye opener would you agree? Think about it, if science can justify that you have a particular illness or disease because it is in your genetics what are they really saying? You have inherited it from some one in the family , this is exactly what I am saying when I say "belongs to someone else".

Does that mean it is a signed deal!? Absolutely not, you can be free of any inter-generational stamping as I call it.

To take this to another level I would like to ask you ponder the idea that you are a collective of energy, you have currents of energy running through you and outside of you. Consider that a fuse is the connection in a circuit of electrical current and when it blows,it creates a short circuit and there is no longer a connection. You are no different, when you are not connected to your heart and soul your circuits have "blowouts" which present as pain,illness and disease.

Your body never lies, it speaks to you all the time in fact every minute of every hour it is calling to you in one way or another. When you are in harmony and aligned to your authentic self you feel at ease, bliss, peaceful and things in your life flow like a peaceful river.

Would it make much difference to your life or to your relationships if you were free of pan,illness or disease?

What if you could travel, be free to work in your dream job, feel peaceful and at ease in a wonderful sense of complete trust and faith in your spouse or in your self?

Can you imagine what that would be like how you would feel every day?

It is not a dream it is a way of life that is waiting for you to embrace it. Healing the past, moving away from the inherited pains of ancestors or even your family of now is all a breath away.

How can you listen to the messages from your soul?

I invite you to make these 3 steps a new part of your day every day;

1.Listen to your words,erase them and start again if they are not bringing you to a place of harmony and happiness.

2. Fess up! Be honest with yourself.

3. Acknowledge pain and take time to sit and ask your body what is wrong.

Honor your feelings, act on them without expectation and conditions and you will experience an amazing shift in the pain you are experiencing.

You are the creative designer of your life(c), go ahead and create, design make it be the very best you possibly can. And if you feel you truly want to be that and more but the project seems too much for you, I am here to show you the way,which is why they call me the "Waymaker", Gwenda Smith, a leader in natural healing.

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