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15-20 March 2020
Poinciana Resort Bali

For you…

6 days of nourish and nurture 

6 days of the most delicious fresh food 

6 days of freedom

6 days of deep cellular healing for your whole body 

6 days of soothing massages

6 days of peace and calm

Imagine stepping out of your beautiful villa each morning and having your senses awakened by sound, sight and smell of the ocean.


Imagine sitting overlooking the ocean each day as you savour the delicious freshest foods, packed with nature's healing energy.


Imagine relaxing by the pool or enjoying a soothing massage.


Imagine feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, calm and peaceful…blissfully happy!


Imagine being FREE to laugh, to hug, to share with likeminded souls who offer support, encouragement, and fun. The freedom to be your truth, to speak freely and to be heard, to be listened to.   A place of kindness and compassion, no judgement only acceptance.


Growing up we look forward to the next birthday, another year older means we get to do what the big kids do! We start to know what our favourite things are to do. And in our teen years we want to be 16 so we can learn to drive a car…wow, to drive a car means freedom, we can go where we want when we want, hangout with whom we want. Freedom!


Then at 17,18,19 years of age, we are really making our mark on our life path, now we are studying to be somebody, perhaps working a part-time job or started our life of work to earn our own money, more freedom! So much to do, to be, so much we want to achieve.


All through those early years, we yearn to be loved, seen and heard, to be nurtured and wanted, to be accepted for who we are. We have had many relationships beginning with our parents, siblings and extended family. Through these relationships, we come to know that we can be loved, liked and accepted if we behave in a certain way, achieve high grades or be creative and win awards.


We learn very quickly how to fit in as we strive to be accepted, we seek love and support to have those special people around us support us in our endeavours and our mistakes.


All the while “being”, successful or an achiever so others will look up to us and see us as worthy, the person who is liked by everyone.


Our first broken heart and we are crushed, the pain is debilitating it strikes at every part of our sense of worth and acceptance. It is soul-destroying, we struggle to find the love and see the love in ourselves because the other person couldn’t so, how can we?


As the years go by, we continue “being” the person we think others want us to be, we live to the expectations of everyone who has moulded us to believing who we are and what we are capable of.


Yet, within our deepest self we know there is something calling. We have an urge to break free we want to go travel the world, to speak freely, to change what we are doing but we just can’t follow that calling. If we do, we will hurt or upset people we care about. What we must do for others, we would disappoint people who love us.


And then there is time…we don’t have time to be able to do things that bring us freedom that makes our heart sing and our face light up. To be and do everything that brings us to our deepest truth a place from where we can be the very truth of ourselves to be free, happy, calm and peaceful amidst the noise of the world around us.


Is it time to stop? 


To feel a deep sense of peace and a new sense of happiness, the one that is calling you from the depths of your soul and heart.


Is it time to BE the beautiful spirited soul who knows there is an abundant wealth of confidence and courage, love and happiness waiting to be the way of your life every day?


If this is you, then this is the very best 6 days of Retreat for you!


Every day will bring you closer to your heart


Every day will be new awareness and clarity that only your soul can bring to you 


Freedom, peace, and happiness are yours to enjoy when you have the courage to live your truth!


Over the 6 days you will learn how to:


Know your truth

BE you

Accept all that is you, warts and all

How to create space and freedom every day

Shine with self confidence

Love freely

Know how to feel happy and peaceful amidst the noise

How to nourish your heart and soul  

How to nurture your mind and body.


Pay your deposit today and secure your place, Gwenda takes only small intimate groups as her work is so very soul deep. 












* No refund policy for all investments. 




You say here and unreservedly accept your decision to participate in the natural healing modalities of the Reflect, Reset and Rejuvenate, Holistic healing retreat, binds you as it being your complete responsibility. You unreservedly accept it is your responsibility to seek diagnosis and or treatment from controlling bodies and organisations is your right of choice.  You unreservedly agree and accept that Gwenda Smith is not responsible in any way for your decisions. Nor for your health or wellness. 


Save 10% Pay Upfront:  A$2456.00

Payment Plan:  A$ 2701.00
Pay deposit       A$ 1350.50

An invoice will be provided monthly after the initial deposit.
Full Balance  paid on 28 Feb 2020

Couples : A$4340.83
       Save:    $1154

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Presented By Spirit Medicine Woman, Gwenda Smith.

A deeply grounded woman with solid foundations and decades of knowings and wisdom.

Gwenda has mentored people from all over the world, guiding them back to their sense of deep inner peace, clarity and harmony.

It is then that the beautiful healing takes place and a life is restored.





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Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.




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