Discover how to delve deep and master your heart and soul. 

An online group mentoring program designed by Gwenda Smith,embrace the ways to  live a purposeful and passionate life. To Become the Master of your heart and soul means freedom, liberation, joy,  abundance of wealth and wellness.

Online live (via Zoom) with Gwenda 1 hour once a fortnight – To embrace new learning & practices takes time.You are fully supported, receive guidance and time in this program to embrace the techniques and practices presented to you .

Life time access! 

Next intake of Students -- September 1st  2020

This is for you...

  • Live a life of freedom

  • Have greater self-awareness

  • Be a conscious being

  • Feel happy in your own skin

  • Learn how to be in a higher vibration 

  • Release tension

  • Self-heal

  • Understand the Power of the body

  • Power of the mind that is yours to own and harness for your best life

Your Takeaways

  • The way to achieve abundance in all things of your life

  • How to create intentions that work

  • How to apply the art of daily practices that keep you aligned

  • How to hear the messages from your spirit

  • How to listen to your body  

  • How to heal pain and discord

  • Learn how all that you have chosen in life has framed you to be who                  you are today

  • Learn how to differentiate between the frame of you and all you seek to be

  • Learn the art of good body works

  • Gut health for mental and emotional resilience

  • Learn about the Meridian energy lines of the body

  • How to release energy in the Meridian energy lines

  • Know the 7 systems of the body

  • Learn how to understand the effect of emotions on the organs of the body

  • Know your purpose in life

  • Learn how to align to your purpose 

Your Takeaways

What will you receive?

Live Guidance 

Mentoring with Gwenda




How is it different?

  • You will find the practises easy and fun to apply to your everyday life

  • You will be supported and encouraged all the way

  • Being accountable means, you get results.

  • Result and outcomes that last

  • Being able to share and hear how other people overcome the same problems is inspiring and helpful

  • Changing your gut health changes your energy and clears the mind



Online via zoom


one hour live with Gwenda

length of course

5 months (20 weeks) over 24 weeks

Live session one-week, client has 2 weeks to apply practices

Gwenda will deliver 2 pillars over 6 weeks, 1 pillar 2 weeks to apply practices 


Self learning, you can come back to modules any time but must do the practices initially and keep up.


Keep the program for a lifetime.

Gwenda Smith

Spirit Medicine Woman, Holistic Healing Leader, International Author and Speaker

Here is a place of embracing new ways, learning, sharing, expanding your consciousness, changing habits for the best life, a glorious life. It is my greatest thrill to provide you with the keys to your life and the path to living a passionate, purposeful life every day.

I bring the opportunity to you to learn the keys and practices through The Spirit Master Collective. 

My promise to you is that I will guide you to your inner power, innate wisdom and knowing how to be living a passionate, purposeful, H.E.A.L for the rest of your life.



you ready?

Shed the layers of old ways, all that weighs you down, release your struggle, are you ready, truly ready?   Because time is ticking, and you have only one chance at this life so give it your best for your sake and everyone you love!