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 The Spiritual School of W.E.S.H
     A sacredness of the heart and soul alignment awaits you.
Embody the harmonious alignment of your soul, heart, and mind. 
     Embrace peace, clarity, purpose and healing for you.
    Simple, practical guidance and practices.


I rejoice in your arrival here to The Spiritual School of W.E.S.H - Wisdom, Enlightenment, Self Healing.

 Thank you for stepping into this collective of warm-hearted, souls who seek to live through the love and compassion of their hearts. A sacredness of the heart and soul alignment. 

Over the years many people have begun a search for peace and taken a journey to find their purpose, asking what this life is all about, why am I here, and what am supposed to be doing with my life.

The choice to take that journey is truly the very best choice we can make in our lives. It is liberating, exciting, and wondrous. Although not by any means an easy journey, I know from experience that it makes it much more enjoyable, and wondrous to know that you have a hand that reaches out to lift you as you walk that road.

    Kindness, compassion, love, and joy are the foundations of this sacred area.

Our Spiritual School of W.E.S.H  is a sanctuary for Soul-Seekers who share a passion for embodying the Divinity within and knowing the enlightened spark of oneself. We believe that by coming together, we can embark on transformative journeys and deepen our understanding of ourselves and our place in the world.

Our lives are driven by busyness and achieving, to overachieving. Be it to achieve being the best parent ever, or the highest achiever in our workplace. The demand for “busy” is consuming and distracts us from the very essence of who we truly are.


It is so wearing and exhausting, so we come home to the couch and TV for comfort or maybe we consume large amounts of heavily salted, sugary, and trans-fat foods to help ease the burden of the day.


All the while sinking into a deeper abyss of separateness from ourselves.

In the last 3 years, many of our friends and family members have been overwhelmed with fear. Experiencing levels of anxiety never known to them before. Have you seen this happen around you? Or perhaps you have experienced these imbalances yourself?

Do you need a break from the madness!? Do you need a sanctuary where you can go, where you can know you will be heard, listened to supported, and loved for all you are?

It’s a mad, mad world out there, in the last few years we have seen things happening in our world that we may never have thought we would see again or for many of us things we have never seen before and find it hard to comprehend that these things could even be in our world.

Does this sound familiar to you? Are you ready to shift that heaviness and be in a sanctuary of peace, harmony, love, and support?


The increasing advancement of technology has many wonders, but it has also increased a lot of aloneness and separation. The art of conversation, holding someone in a place of comfort and loving support is done via a text message or a video call, rather than in person


Strange to say that we can be like the Jetson cartoons of the ’70s, looking at someone on a screen to talk to them. To have a phone that is a computer, and we carry it everywhere, never having time away from it.


There is a well-known saying “Life wasn’t meant to be easy” Well I am here to share with you that we can make this journey as hard or as peaceful and easy as we want it to be. And in the Spirit Seekers Society, that is what you will find, through simple practical guidance when you apply the practices to your daily life you will find peace, harmony, and love.


Beyond those wonderful ways to feel you will discover the radiance of who you truly are and feel great to be alive as yourself and not some masked version of who you are.

My Gran had two favourite little sayings whenever life got a bit too hard to bear, one was “There is a silver lining in every cloud” and the other was “This too will pass”.

As I matured, I have come to understand the power of these simple words and in this time of the world, these simple phrases are very helpful.

I like simple practical ways to live a harmonious and aligned life, if that is the way you like things to be then this is the community for you.


You will have access to simple daily routines and advice to help you feel free and know how to live to the song of your soul.

There's no need to jump from one location to another because everything is within this space.

Let us all prosper in our Spirit seekers society, where you will find all, you need to live a peaceful, enlightened, and aligned life.


What would it be like to be truly happy in your skin?


To be heard and listened to?


To feel a deep sense of love.


To feel a beautiful passion lighting you up in all you do every day.


All of this is your soul calling to you; it is the purpose of your life-- but how do you get there?

Learn how to listen to your body and how to honour its message.


Be a part of a society that supports you to be the best version of yourself every day.


Deep healing, ancestral healing, and soul alignment can all be found here.


To find the love you desire, you must first learn to love and nurture yourself.


The Enlightened Connection is about BEING our true selves, about feeling GOD's grace flow through your body. To BE the enlightened being that you truly are is to live a life that is guided by your Divine essence.


With the help of my teachings, meditations, practices, and courses, I'm bringing you to a new space where you can share, learn, and evolve.

Over the decades I came to know that when we are aligned with our soul then our heart is in harmony, and we have the most amazing power to draw upon and in doing so we can change anything in our life. This I what it is to be aligned with Spirit. And when we are aligned to Spirit, we live a deeply spiritual life that is soul-led, to me that is bliss!


I have studied and achieved several diplomas and certificates in various practices in health, fitness, and wellness.  I have taken the years of acquired knowledge, my knowledge of how to connect with the whisper of the and my intrinsic abilities to see between the realms, to see into the physical and energy bodies to bring forward the power to heal and to live a blissful soul-led life.


Here in the Spiritual School of  W.E.S.H, it is my honour and humbled privilege to bring to you how you can live a soul-led life. To know the Wisdom, Enlightenment and Self Healing power held within your Divine self

To be harmonious, enlightened, and aligned to all that is yours to embrace and to BE. 


I believe in unwavering faith, belief, and trust.  It is my promise that in this community I will bring to you daily practices and guidance for you to feel that freedom, to know the way to live to the call of your soul. 


Join us today:

The Spiritual School of W.E.S.H is a place for harmony, alignment, peace, and healing for you. Simple and practical guidance and practices.


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