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Eat your way to healthy

Updated: Jan 22, 2018

We are raised to eat 3 large meals every day, often a child is offered food when they are upset to distract them from what is causing the upset and so begins the forming of habits around food.

We were taught to have a combination of cereals, breads, vegetables, fruit and meat, More than 20 years ago the average person worked manually, exercised more and kids played outside, swinging, jumping, rolling, building and creating, maybe riding a bicycle until dark. Even changing the channel on the TV ( if you had one) required you to get up and walk across the room to the TV set.

Now in the age of "convenience" food is "fast" which means it has been modified to grow faster and the cost of that is the loss of vital nutrients and vitamins, the food is highly processed rather than highly nutritious and healthy for us to eat. In addition to this food is made to grow and bare fruit out of its usual fruiting time which means the genes of the plant must again be modified, Wheat is a prime example of the discord in what was once a healthy grain with vitamins and minerals in its natural state is now so modified it creates intolerances and leaky gut problems for many people not to mention the increase of body fat as a result of the stodge and inability to digest it effectively.

In current time people are much less active, not only in their leisure time but careers are more and more static and sedentary which paves the way for postural problems and sluggish digestion. Most often people sit in front of computers for lengthy periods of time or carry a laptop with them to meetings working remotely, many use their mobile phone, Ipad or tablet to continue working.

None of these current ways of life are helpful to your overall health. In fact the increase in pain, illness and gut problems has escalated more than ever before in these past 10 years

The interesting thing is that more often than not the medical professionals state they are not able to find the cause let alone what is wrong with a person. In my years of nursing the Doctors were able to diagnose and treat a person in a way that bought them back to being well and healthy. This is sadly not apparent these days, there is less and less diagnosis that is correct and less and less treatment which actually restores a person to being well again.

Dedicating my work in the field of Holistic wellness as a Holistic Intervention Practitioner I am saddened to see that many of the alternative practitioners have fallen prey to the way of the medical fraternity's approach to illness and disease, by that I mean that too many alternative practitioners hand out supplements rather than heal the cause and clear the symptoms. Many of the alternative practitioners have little to no experience with the actual plants/herbs which are the basis of healing medicine.

Today I would like to provide you with easy ways to "Eat Your Way healthy".

*Take the time to prepare a meal for you and your family from scratch perhaps make it a family fun activity, if you have the space to have little hands in the kitchen with you.

* Use only fresh local ingredients, preferably organic however I realise this is not always possible or financially viable. And that is Ok, simply be sure to wash the foods really well, don't use the skin or leaves of non organic food.

* Buy only grass fed free range meats or ocean caught seafood - never buy farmed fish or seafood.

* Use more vegetables or salad than meat, steam, raw or roast - never microwave!

*make your meal colourful and cheerful, means no processed "dead" food

*Eat at a table set with love and kindness, enjoy eating the meal taking time to taste the flavours and feel the textures

*Say a prayer or mantra of gratitude for what you have on your table.

*Look at food as "Honouring" yourself.

Bon appetit......a .happy gut is a healthy life

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