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Did you notice something about each of the words in the title of this blog or did you find yourself rubbing your hip,shoulder or some where on your body? Burs-itis, arthr-itis, phleb-itis , each of these painful conditions end in "itis" which means "inflammation". Here are some other medical conditions which mean that there is inflammation in the body: Colitis, asthma, tuberculosis,chronic peptic ulcer, Lyme disease,sinusitis, hepatitis, appendicitis.

Have you ever felt the debilitating pain of bursitis or arthritis? I experienced a severe case of appendicitis at the age of 10 and had to have emergency surgery, my appendix burst just as the surgeon go to it. This in turn caused a major infection in my abdomen making my recovery longer and more painful than it should have been.

Inflammation in the body is your body's response to stress and stress is now considered to be the number one cause of illness and disease. In my teaching I focus on ways to understand your emotions and your emotional responses.

I have seen amazing changes in my students when they are able to have clarity on their emotions and responses to life situations health change dramatically and quickly. Chronic conditions such as migraines, endometriosis and serious skin conditions have all abated when the principles and protocols of my teaching are followed.

I am insistent that my students understand their emotional response to the situations that arise in their daily life. The reason for my staunchness in this matter its that with every emotional response there is increased stress on the cells of the organs and over time if the increased responses are not calmed and you don't learn to react to emotions in a more manageable way then the risk of heart attack, stroke cancer and auto immune disease is greatly increased.

Therefore,it is most important to being a well person that you live every day experiencing what life throws your way ( which you have created I might say, but that is for another day) rather than becoming or stepping into the experience with an overload of overwhelming emotions.

Don't get me wrong, emotions are a major player in life and it is through expressing our emotions that we learn many things about ourselves ...or should I say that we have the opportunity to learn many things about yourself.

Unfortunately we are not raised to know how to manage the waves of emotions and that is no-ones fault it is simply that, we are not taught. So we spend out lives reacting as we have seen others react or we develop our own way of reacting without really understanding how to manage the experience and reaction. Perhaps in these coming years this will be different as more people are learning about themselves and their reactions.

Have you known some one to say that they "comfort eat" when they are upset or angry? Eating while in an emotional state is a disaster for your digestive system. You see when you are upset your organs spasm, you will be taking shorter breaths or in the case of crying you will have several responses happening within the body such as tightness in the chest, shoulders and most of the joints. Why the joints because without you realising you will be clenching your hands, curling your toes over and squeezing your eyes tightly.

When you are feeling angry or frustrated the breath is short and sharp, your bowel spasms and the stomach releases more acid that usual plus the extra hormones that are released into the body from various organs. If you have taken the time to notice you will know that you can't or do't use your bowel the next day sometimes for 2 days! This is because the disruption has caused the bowel to be in a contracted state and anger or frustration creates tension in all of your organs including the heart. Perhaps you have heard of people having a heart attack in moments of rage?

Every time you have a burst of emotion your body responds by a surge of acid and hormones being released through out the whole body .And this is "inflammation", inflammed cells either die or become diseased.

Di- ease means the body is not at ease within itself, which essentially means you are not in alignment somewhere in your life. The more misalignment the more inflammation the more pain and illness you are certain to experience

A leaky gut is a very common condition today, I mentioned about eating when you are in an emotional state because I firmly know that your emotions are what start the whole inflammation process off. So food is the major contributor to inflammation in the organs.

When there is an excessive or persistent uptake of unhealthy food the small intestine is unable to pass vital nutrients out into the blood stream but instead food particles, bacteria and fungus go through the walls of the intestine out into the blood stream, directly to your heart and brain, this is what is known as leaky gut

The brain requires glucose to function but if your body is in an inflammed condition it will prevent the sugar from getting to the brain and you will find you have foggy brain, lack of concentration, headaches, dizziness, depression, mood swings, tiredness among other symptoms.

Inflammation also causes major disruption to the lymph system, which is your vital life force of immunity and a majorly important system for whole wellness. You have more lymph fluid in your body that you have blood!

The lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs that help rid the body of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials. The primary function of the lymphatic system is to transport lymph, a fluid containing infection-fighting white blood cells, throughout the body.,

There are easy practices you can do everyday which will reduce inflammation in your body and ensure the lymph system is in optimum working condition, here are 5 to get you started:

1. Mind your thoughts and words

2. Deep slow breathing

3. Eat more fresh vibrant food and herbs

4. Get moving even if it is walking!

5. Detox your life

If you feel that you have a lot of inflammation in your system I invite you to attend one of my Gut Health workshops and the "Poetry of Your Body" workshop. You can find details of the workshops on the website and Facebook page. Alternatively I welcome you to make contact with me for your

personal journey to being well and knowing how to enjoy a H.E.A.L - Harmonious Enlightened Aligned Life

Th next Gut Health workshop- "The Key to Your Wellness, Gut Health" is being presented in Geraldton on May 28th. tickets can be purchased here :

And "The Poetry of Your Body" is on May 29th also in Geraldton.

Tickets can be purchased here:

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