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Healing is An Awakening

There is a misconception about healing being played out in Spiritual communities. Our words are powerful, they carry a frequency and frequency vibrates in every single cell of our body. I would go so far as to say that more important is the fact that the frequency is also registered in our energy bodies.

Frequency in our cells is a starting point to the diminishing of and irregularity of our cells which in turn becomes an imbalance felt as pain, inflammation and what is called disease or illness.

If you know my story you will be familiar with the event that I experienced as a young nurse, at the time I was a senior scrub nurse in the operating theatres. The event changed my acceptance of illness and disease and was the catalyst to my journey of the power of healing that we each have within us.

While sitting in the bliss of silence I received a powerful message about the chatter in Spiritual commnites that goes like this " You are not broken, nothing needs fixing"

This is a misconception about the imbalances we experience and the importance healing plays in our soul growth, expansion, awakening and evolution.

Healing is an awakening, well for those who take the path to heal it is, for others who stay trapped in pain illness, inflammation, the disease it is something that will bring them to another life and another until they choose the path to awaken through healing.

When we drop a glass on the floor and it shatters, we say it is broken, it is shattered.

When we experience a tragic loss of a loved one we feel it in our heart and every part of our body, to that we say "I am broken" or "I am shattered"

We need time to make our way through the grief and the pain of the loss, we are experiencing huge waves of pain and feel lost, broken, and shattered until we are able to find some semblance of peace and calm and feel our heart is whole and HEALED

When we fracture a bone in the body it is said to be "broken" with varying degrees of fracture. The bone needs to knit, to be said to be whole again and that is to be fixed, that is to HEAL.

When something is cracked, smashed, pulled apart, or doesn't work anymore we say it is broken and we either throw it out or we fix it. When we experience, sadness, pain, or things called, anxiety, depression, illness or disease we look for ways to restore, make us better, or fix what we are experiencing, or not!

We know we need to sort it out because we can't manage our daily life, we can't get around, sleep, smile, or move with ease while we are in that state of whatever we name it or want to put to that experience.

We might say we need to fix this or sort me out.

To restore, balance, recalibrate, and align. No matter the word we use it is to fix ourselves therefore to HEAL.

We intrinsically know we can feel better.

The word HEAL means that a part of our body or mind is restored, fixed, aligned, in harmony, and balanced.

Healing is an awakening for it is in the imbalance that we can discover that we are not aligned in our heart and soul.

Healing is an awakening to the greater part of our truth and who we really are.

Healing is to evolve to grow on a deeper level than what has been put in front of us that we believe about ourselves.

Therefore to use the word broken is perfectly appropriate, to express that we are experiencing an imbalance and it needs to be fixed is appropriate.

A broken heart has been known to cause a person to leave this world, it is so very powerful to experience a broken heart.

To say that we are not broken and that we don't need fixing is the misleading words of the "woke" which is the darkness, not the LIGHT. The play on words and creating new meanings is the way of the darkness to create disharmony and imbalances.

When something is broken it needs fixing, when we are out of balance and we take on the labels such as anxiety, depression, cancer, and MBS then we have something that isn't working, therefore it needs fixing - which is to HEAL. In healing, we awaken to our greater self and in that is soul growth.

And that my fiend is what we came to experience in this world.

Awaken through fixing an imbalance, awaken through the journey of what is called illness, sickness, disease.

The power is yours, the choice is yours.

Blessing to you on your journey may it be wonderous and amazing.

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