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I See Dead People

A well known phrase from a movie made in the 90's, starring Bruce Willis,the story line was of a little boy who was able to communicate with dead people. He was terrified of what he was able to see and had no-one to help him understand what he was seeing or even more scary ,what he was to do with this amazing ability.

The movie is just one of dozens possibly hundreds that are made by "Spirit" to try and bring some understanding and awakening to people. Sadly all too often the messages and help within the story lines are missed, with the exception of those of us who are awakened and living with our abilities also called "gifts" in a life of service which is what our purpose and life is all about.

Another movie that comes to mind is the true story of Mary Rose a young woman who was possessed and exorcised. A horrific account of her tragic experiences through being "gifted'

In days gone by gifted people were institutionalised, forced to have a procedure called a lobotomy and electric shock treatment all because they heard voices and spoke of seeing things other people cold not see. Labelled as mad,insane.

In this day and age the tormented people who are gifted but have no one to help them understand what they are experiencing let alone how to manage it are quickly labelled as either schizophrenic, mentally ill or multiple personalities disorder and treated in mental health hospitals, heavily medicated with either anti-psychotic or anxiety medication. In some cases a combination of medication to keep them supposedly calm and quiet, when in fact all the medication will do is dull their senses and numb them from their life all together.

Truly gifted people begin their experiences from early childhood, most often having night terrors and refusing to go to their bedroom or into their bed. Others will often be heard talking, laughing and playing with some one unseen.

Then there are the children who are often sick complaining of pain in their body, yet there is no actual illness or disease to be found by Doctors. This is a highly sensitive soul who without knowing takes on the pain and suffering of someone they have encountered at some point during the day.

Other children will draw pictures of what they can see and tell their parents about the horrible monster, or person who comes to them at night. Most often parents tell the child they are being silly, there is no one there or monsters don't exist.

This is where the torment and disturbances start for these gifted children.

There are many gifted people who become addicts of abuse, alcohol or drugs as a way of escaping the torment of what they can either see, feel or hear.

For those who are highly evolved, meaning they are able to see, hear and feel all that is not visible to the ordinary person, these experience can be so very overwhelming that they will develop an illness or disease either mentally or physically just to escape what they experience.

The ability to see and communicate with those who have left this world is an amazing gift. It is a joy to be able to be the conduit between this world and the next for loved ones who seek to know where their family member or friend has gone and if they are alright.

There are several abilities that gifted people have been bestowed and all are of these gifts are for helping other people, some of us can see disease and disharmony within a person sometimes when the disease is already present but the person is not aware and other times when the disease is not yet present in the physical body but will soon be.

I have met many young children who are gifted in different ways, sometimes they have arrived into this world with parents who are open minded and supportive other times they are not so fortunate and instead have parents who lack understanding or a want to understand this then brings the child to feeling frustrated, insecure and eventually the child becomes destructive, difficult to manage and terribly tormented.

Many years ago I met a beautiful highly gifted little girl, she was 8 years of age. By the time she was 11 she was experiencing the unseen and feeling things she couldn't explain.

Her parents were open minded, they reached out to me to see if I could help.

I was able to guide her in what she was seeing and feeling, and she said she didn't want to "have that, to be like that" So I taught her how to shut out the feelings and what she was able to see. Life went along well for her for a few years but then came the news that she was accepted into a hairdressing apprenticeship, she was so very excited.

It wasn't too long and I was called again, this young lady was then 16 years of age and having a terrible time. You see whenever she placed a gown around a client or touched their shoulders and head, she was filled with pain, anguish, despair, sadness, sorrow, anger, anxiety ,feeling sick, headache, migraines....the list was long and very unpleasant for her.

This time I guided by teaching her how to close out all that didn't belong to her and how to keep her energy fields clear, clean and safe.

For a time she was great, excelling in her hairdressing skills, winning awards and being acknowledged as one of the most outstanding in the well known hair salons of Perth, Western Australia.

She did not tell anyone that the feelings, the knowing got stronger and stronger so much so it all began to consume her and rather than call out for help again she suffered alone feeling lost, helpless. Finally making the decision that there was only one way for her to not "be like that, to be like you " and that was to manifest a severe case of anorexia and bullemia.

There is much more to her story but that will be for another time.

The beautiful young lady appeared at my side after we had scattered her ashes to the ocean.

yes, I too see those who have passed and other abilities or gifts...

She showed me her journey and asked that I help others like her to not suffer to not be tormented.

And so it is that I have the greatest , most wonderful privilege of honouring Shonagh's life with the opening of The School Of W.E.S.H for gifted people.

In the Light we will stand, in the Light we will serve and guide people to their highest calling.

Gwenda - Spiritual mentor, ascension master.

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