Together we inspire support and encourage together we learn and grow.

A sacred safe space for the soul to be heard the heart to be calmed

Self-learning with guidance from Gwenda

This is for YOU.

Men and Women 35 years and above.

  • Been looking and looking for a way to make life “better” in whatever way that means to you 

  • 1:1 too expensive

  • Like to be with like-minded souls

  • Like to have support and encouragement

  • To be inspired 

  • To be in a safe space

  • Frequently unwell

  • Ongoing health issues that Drs can’t or haven’t been able to sort out

  • Feeling lost and listless

  • Feeling disappointed with your lot in life

  • Easily upset

  • Easily angered

  • Bloating stomach

  • Weight issues

  • Unhappy in marriage

  • Tried meditation

  • Tried course in miracles and manifesting stuff

  • Feel you want to have the best love of your life but it’s nowhere to be found

The Learning Modules

We will cover 8 Pillars that make the wholeness of life

Mind: Mental, Social, Financial 


Body: Physical, Occupation, Environmental


Soul: Spiritual, Emotional

  • The way to achieve abundance in all things of your life

  • How to create intentions that work

  • How to apply the art of daily practices that keep you aligned

  • How to hear the messages from your spirit

  • How to listen to your body  

  • How to heal pain and discord

  • Learn how all that you have chosen in life has framed you to be who you are today

  • Learn how to differentiate between the frame of you and all you seek to be

  • Learn the art of good body works

  • Gut health for mental and emotional resilience

  • Learn about the Meridian energy lines of the body

  • How to release energy in the Meridian energy lines

  • Know the 7 systems of the body

  • Learn how to understand the effect of emotions on the organs of the body

  • Know your purpose in life

  • Learn how to align to your purpose 

Your Breakthrough is HERE.

What will you receive?


Live Guidance 

Mentoring with Gwenda




How is it different?

  • You will find the practises easy and fun to apply to your everyday life

  • You will be supported and encouraged all the way

  • Being accountable means, you get results.

  • Result and outcomes that last

  • Being able to share and hear how other people overcome the same problems is inspiring and helpful

  • Changing your gut health changes your energy and clears the mind


Online via zoom


one hour live with Gwenda

length of course

5 months (20 weeks) over 24 weeks

Live session one-week, client has 2 weeks to apply practices

Gwenda will deliver 2 pillars over 6 weeks, 1 pillar 2 weeks to apply practices 


Self learning, you can come back to modules any time but must do the practices initially and keep up.


Keep the program for a lifetime.

Brought to you by:

Gwenda Smith

Spirit Medicine Woman, Holistic Healing Leader, International Author and Speaker

Here is a place of embracing new ways, learning, sharing, expanding your consciousness, changing habits for the best life, a glorious life. It is my greatest thrill to provide you with the keys to your life and the path to living a passionate, purposeful life every day.

I bring the opportunity to you to learn the keys and practices through The Spirit Master Collective. 

My promise to you is that I will guide you to your inner power, innate wisdom and knowing how to be living a passionate, purposeful, H.E.A.L for the rest of your life.