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Daily Life of A Holistic Intervention Practitioner

,"Hi, Gwenda,what do you?"

"Hi,my life's work is in healing" ..."

"Oh so you do Reiki?"

This is a usual kind of introductory conversation I have with people who meet me for the first next answer is where it gets interesting..." No, I don't do Reiki, I guide mentor and educate on all things health and wellness, Holistically and I am facilitator of The healing Light of the Almighty Divine" ....The facial expressions give it all away before the words even start to be spoken. I wait with eagerness to hear the words, you see for most people if I haven't ticked a box in their understanding of "healing"., perhaps in the first instance of "Reiki" or the words "health and wellness" are not a topic of interest and "Holistic" is something to do with the bible or a religion the facial expressions are most often " how do I get out of here".

I have become accustomed to brief conversations which become awkward or been left standing on my own as the person heads away in favour of someone who sounds more "normal" at many networking functions, business groups, even BBQ'S and other social gatherings.

Knowing who I am and what I am capable of doing for another person who seeks to be free of pain or illness or simply to finding their way in their own life is where I draw my smile and motivation from when I am faced with these situations.

Truth is I have always been "different", I have encountered a lot of strange expressions and people walking away from me when I start to talk about my life's work. Being different is a thrill doing what I do makes being "different" all worthwhile.

So what is my day filled with? Some days I can be in my beautiful garden where the energy is so very peaceful and soothing. I may be sitting up in my gazebo contemplating or setting intentions,perhaps writing another book Or I may be meandering around planting,pruning watering the herbs, vegetables and other plants. There may be a person coming to spend some time with me for guidance which is channelled through from the Archangels I work with and the persons "guides" and "guardians", if we are fortunate their loved ones who have left this world will come in to speak with them and that is always wonderful.

A hospital visit may be on the days list of appointments, where I will go to a person whose family have called upon me to assist them to pass from this world or provide insight into what is going on with their loved one when the treatment being provided is not working and often the Drs are saying "We don't know what is wrong"

Parents who are frustrated with repeated visits to the Dr or hospital for their infants, toddlers and children will seek guidance and alternative care to bring their children back to good health. I thoroughly enjoy having the privilege to assist these parents and to seeing the little ones make a full recovery,.if that is what is to be.

A bit of ghostbusting for some fun is often on the cards..pardon the pun ! There are times when a soul/spirit has not managed to move from this plane of life and needs a helping hand to transition.

And I am often researching and studying to increase my level of knowledge for my everyday living workshops, my greatest joy is to impart my skills ,knowledge and experience to guide and mentor people so that they can navigate their life path with more harmony, enlightenment and aligned living,. The greater part of that area of my work is to provide the tools to healing for all who wish to be free of pain, illness and disease. As it is to be ,so it shall be, healing is not always about this life.

Holistic is to understand the wholeness of a person and all levels of their being to combine the physical with the soul and mind. Intervention is to intervene or halt anything which is preventing the enjoyment of living a glorious life Practitioner is to provide the awareness, tools,and practices through various modalities and teachings which will bring the student to a greater awareness and better health and wellness.

So there you have it, a day in the life of Gwenda the Holistic Intervention Practitioner

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