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Food For A Life Of Harmony

Updated: Jan 31, 2018

You may be wondering how on earth food can have anything to do with you living a life of harmony!?

Would it surprise you to know that food affects the way you feel and the way you react or respond to every day "happenings", you see food does either one of two things in your body, it either nourishes and heals or it inflames and destroys. If the food you consistently eat inflames and creates a struggle for your body to digest you will find that you have a short fuse,meaning you will be easily angered or upset and feel anxious or down in the dumps. Perhaps you have constant bloating and trouble using your bowel. These are just a few of the signs that the food you are eating is not nourishing and healing your entire body but rather causing inflammation and destroying it. Now that is just one part of the effects of food, the knowledge I wish to share with you in this blog is how your mood and emotions can be disrupted through the food choices you make every day. and how you can live a life of harmony by enjoying food which stimulates, repairs and nourishes your heart and mind.

Foods which nourish the heart and mind provide you with a sense of calm, peace and happiness this in turn brings you to a deeper connection to your true self, more on that later. These blissful foods create the release of the "feel good" hormones within the body ultimately shifting the way you feel and think.

Would it surprise you to know that the food you eat has an immediate affect on your central nervous system which in turn affects the functioning of the reasoning, rationalising part of the brain. The central nervous system is the body's communication and control centre, from here all of your thoughts memory and learning are controlled. How does this happen? Well, the central nervous system is filled with receptors which detect internal and external input meaning things you experience. Such a light, sounds, temperature and on the inside of you blood pressure and glucose levels - just two to mention for now. From the data provided your brain makes decisions every second!

Isn't that amazing, your brain is making decisions by itself, no conscious input from you what so ever!! What is more amazing is the nourishing needs of this very complicated incredible group of organs, this is where the impact of your food choices come into play....the signals that are received and sent throughout the central nervous system either stimulate or weaken/dampen the brain.

Now as a Holistic Intervention Practitioner I know that there is something else that plays a major part in your food choices and that is emotional wellbeing which in turn affects your responses and reactions. However for this blog I will help you more to understand the importance of food and your mood.

We have seen many articles about the damaging affects of excessive amounts of sugar, alcohol and trans fats, this is not a new finding in fact I have books on health issues dating back to the 1930's which address the very same issues. So what is it that we have not learnt?

One thing for certain is the prevalence of processed, heavily altered and sugared foods was not any where near as much in the 1930's as in the present day and age. So what has changed that we are seeing so many more illnesses of the gut and issues of emotional disturbance. You will note that I make no reference to "mental health" and the reason for that is the mainstream medical world and media have turned normal ups and downs and upsets of life into incredible "labelling" and money making spin that so many people now like to claim themselves as having a "mental health" problem. There are most certainly some serious mental health imbalances which can only be described as exactly that, however the forms of depression, anxiety, overwhelm that many people are calling "mental health" issues are simply a normal part of life, the imbalance presents as feelings of being lost, unhappy, restless, overwhelm,anxiety and more, when someone either has too much going on and can't cope or has lost the ability to connect to themselves and a greater force than themselves aka- GOD, The Almighty Divine. There is a distinct difference between a serious mental health issue and life getting you down. The interesting fact is that in all cases the food habits in both the true mental health issue and the everyday life miseries can and will make the way the person is experiencing their life improve or not....So I live a life of harmony though food you will seek out foods which nurture your mind and nourish your soul.

To have a balanced inner peace and knowing of what you want your life to BE you will choose foods which provide a high vibration and protect, restore and replenish the cells of your organs. Foods which create a place of ease in the gut, ease of digestion and harmony.

5 simple steps for you to use every day;

1. Start with fresh lemon juice in hot water ( definitely NO oils)

2. Fresh organic local grown fruit with blanched nuts

3. Poached or boiled eggs ( free range) with advocado and spinach

4. Filtered water approx 2 litres, depends on your body weight as to how much is right for you.

5. More fresh vegetables and salads every meal less red meat.

Bon Appetit and a life of harmony begins.

H.E.A.L with Gwenda

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