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OK so you might not want to hang upside down on a pole but perhaps there are times when you feel like you are upside down, with not enough vitality and energy to get you through the day.

Are there days when you feel like you 10 minutes of quiet and closing your eyes would be enough to get you on track and feeling like you had loads of energy?

I know as a Mum of young children you can often feel like you simply don't have enough time for yourself and your sense of vitality enthusiasm and energy wanes every day.

A hectic demanding work schedule can seem to sap the energy and drive right out of you and all you want to do is get home, throw on some comfy clothes and either fall onto the couch or pour a glass of wine!

Keep you vitality and energy up throughout the day with these 5 simple steps;

1. Hydrate and breathe - yes I said hydrate & breath. When you take a deep deep breath and let it out slowly you fire up the oxygen levels in your brain and awaken every cell of your body. Try it now! Every sip of water nourishes your brain and organs it is vital for your vitality, sip on a glass every hour of your waking day.

2. Move - get up stretch, bend over, squat as if your going to sit down, walk on the spot pulling your knees up high.

3. Go outside for at least 10 minutes , look up to the sky, look around you take in the colours and sounds of nature.

4. Laugh - either at yourself or something that makes you laugh.

5. Think about all you have that you can be grateful for- yes grateful you can move, that you have a home, a job or simply for the wonder and gift of life every day more so in this very moment!

Simple things make your life easier and happier adopt new ways of simplicity every day for a healthy happy life.

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