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People Do Not Die of the Flu!

People do not die of the flu, in fact they don't die of or from any illness or disease, they die for a number of reasons but for the purpose of this conversation, let's look at 3 major contributors to sickness and dying.

The first is lifestyle, the second we will discuss is the immune system and the third is the lymphatic system.

Every where, everyday there is a mountain of information about healthy living with the focus being on food and exercise. More recently mental health has been in the spotlight.

And yet the apparent increase in sickness,cancers,infant deaths would surely beg the question..What is not working?

There is an immunisation for almost everything, medical science lay great claim to tremendous advancement in treatment even cures for sickness and disease, yet the numbers don't stack up.

What is not working?

What is not working is the belief that "I have to do"..."I must have"...The rushing through the day from one thing to another.

The time spent being sedentary, be that in a car, on a couch or at a desk.

The belief that children must go to every birthday party in the neighborhood, to be up early and rushed from the time they get up until they go to bed.

The belief that there isn't enough time to do, to have , to much so not enough time to cook and clean.

There is however enough time to watch hours of reality TV shows, to sit for hours in idle, useless conversation over cups of coffee or to wander the shops day in and day out.

Now, if you are offended or angered by the last paragraph then I would suggest it may be time for a look at your lifestyle.

What has this to do with not dying from the flu, illness or disease, read on...

Your lifestlye is the major contributor to your health and well-being. If you are overly stressed,a worrier,anxious, over weight, sedentary much of the day /every day, have high/low blood pressure, chronic pain, chronic digestion issues then the lifestyle you lead is the leading cause of these health issues.

When you live a lifestyle that is not conducive to a fit, healthy mind and body your inner organs can not function at an optimal level, when this happens your immune system and lymphatic system are weakened and you are susceptible to illness, sickness and disease.

When you do not harness the noise of the mind your central nervous system is overloaded and you lose the ability to be rationale, resilient and feel overwhelmed which if left unchecked becomes depression, which can escalate into suicidal tendencies.

People do not die of the flu, a disease or illness they die because they do not have a strong foundation a resilient immune and lymphatic system or have a weakened central nervous system, sometimes it is a combination of all of these things.

It is the complications of the illness through an unhealthy body that are the major cause of dying when a sickness has taken hold of someone.

From a Spiritual perspective there are other factors which play a major part in someones recovery or passing from any illness or disease.

Immunisation is not the answer and what the medical world nor Governments in the world will ever tell the public is how many people died after having an immunisation!

What will work?

Begin by taking a good look over your way of living, your environment, place of work, relationships, relationship with money and food, exercise, food choices, beliefs, habits. What could be improved?

For just a few days, become the observer and keep a journal of all that you do and say how you react to the happenings in the day,what you eat, how much you exercised, record all of this from the time you awake til you go to bed, be sure to include the time you rise and got to bed.

On the 4th day , review your observations of each day, what could be improved?

Where can the "busyness" be slowed?

What things in each day can be deleted?

What rush here and there is really not helpful to a happier healthier life?

Here are 5 tips to improve your whole well-being and lift your vitality to pave the way for you to being a stronger, healthier person who is not susceptible to sickness illness or disease:

1. Slow down

2. Step out of "busyness" opt for what matters to your health and well-being

3. Eat for being well not for convenience

4. Move for living well

5. "Do" for a resilient and peaceful life rather than "do" for the "busyness"


Your life your way or your life caught up in other peoples expectations and living in the "System" that wants you to believe that you "must do", "must have", "must be busy busy busy."

People do not die of the flu or of any illness, what will you choose?

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