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Life hacks For Lasting Change

Making change is not easy!

Most often making change means an old habit must go and that is no easy feat.

Have you looked for ways to help you feel happier, lose weight, have more energy, reduce blood pressure, get rid of constant migraines, reducing pain in your body, perhaps you have sought the guidance of different health practitioners according to what it is you want to change?

Maybe you have been to a dietitian, naturopath perhaps a physiotherapist, psychologist to seek help to shift weight, improve libido or have more mental clarity, feel happier and more loved or be free of anxiety and the practitioner has offered their recommendations that you are to introduce new foods, leave out foods such as gluten, dairy, lactose or that you go walking every day, join a gym, an interest group or take up a hobby.

No matter what it is there will be changes for you to make so that you can get the result that you want. But how many times have you heard someone say “Oh it just didn’t work for me” or “I have tried everything; nothing works for me”

The word “change” is enough to put a lot of people off doing anything that is new. Change can be daunting and for many of us it can make some pretty heavy emotions rise. One minute we are doing what we do every day and the next we must cut out certain foods, go to bed earlier, give up our daily snooze and stop doing things we have done for years, so much so that these habits and behaviours are part of our daily routine, that we identify with as being who we are, it is our signature to what we are all about.

Throughout my years of practice in health, fitness and wellness I have heard many a person say they want to change something in their life or they have come to me for help after being told they MUST lose weight, get fit or make some other change to their way of living. The funny thing is that more than 85% of the people who have set about making a change for one reason or another have not been able to achieve the result they want because they have not been able to “change”, i.e.

You have the power to change anything,reach for it, believe and it will BE

stick to the steps that are necessary for the results to come to fruition.

Funnily enough, most often they have their barrier up against the changes weather it be consciously by saying things like “I don’t know about this” …or “I don’t think this is going to work for me” …or

“I have tried everything and none of that worked so I can’t see that this will”. Or unconsciously, this is the fun part for me, because the unconscious response to the changes shows up like this, “I can’t make my appointment today, my husband/child is sick” …” I’m not sure if I can come next week” …

“I did some of the things the physio asked but then I got busy.”

For me the most intriguing part of mentoring a client to release of old patterns of illness/pain or finding a soul mate is the resistance to facing the truth, by that I mean their truth of not being worthy or good enough. I mean you really want something bad enough you would do anything to get it right?

NO, not right, shifting old behaviours means being free and open to new opportunities but that’s not going to happen is it? I couldn’t possibly meet someone who will really love me I mean look what happened last time or when I was 18!

These beliefs pave the way for blame to be the go to, blame is so very helpful it gets us out of all sorts of hard spots where we don’t have to do anything ourselves, because if it weren’t for what that person did we wouldn’t be like this right!

Making change is liberating it is freedom for the heart and soul, it is exhilarating.

To make change that will last and give you the path to achieving what you want and have joy in your life follow these simple steps:

1. One thing at a time. For example, taking gluten form your daily food choices, choose one gluten food this week and another next week, then the next. This way you reduce the cravings, and the feeling of being denied.

2. You stumble and fall …get back up dust off and start again! Main thing is never giving up.

3. Introduce new behaviours slowly, don’t make it the “all or nothing” approach, this is a sure way to failure.

4. Look forward not back, right now matters, not yesterday or last week or last year.

5. Be practical, know your own limitations and expand them gently.

The part I love is the getting to truly know myself, this is amazing and so very enriching.

How about you, would like to have what I am having?

Tell me what you need and desire, together let’s make it happen .

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