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Nourish Your Soul Nurture Your Body

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

Nourish and nurture real life help for you here

To nourish your soul means taking the time to really BE with you, that sounds strange I am sure. Why would you BE with yourself, after all you know you and you are with you every day and you have a busy life, right! So you have a handle on what you want in life and it is all going along super smooth, your health is fantastic, there is harmony and happiness all around you, right?

At the end of each day you feel peaceful and at ease, arriving home to relax with a wine or beer in hand and thinking I did well today. The TV is on and you sit mindlessly watching what ever is on. Life is good and you know every bit of you there is to know.

So let me ask you this, can you sit in silence on your own for an hour or 2?

Is that like a walk in the park for you, I mean life is great, health is great so a quiet sit in silence would be a breeze. You would be comfortable sitting upright just feeling your ribs expand with each breath and noticing the feel of your body from top to toe, there wouldn't be any chatter and noise of worry about yesterday, tomorrow or last week? How are you feeling about that right now?

For most people the thought of sitting alone with themselves stands their hair on end and they immediately get fidgety.

To nourish your soul is a way to connect to the most powerful part of your being it might surprise you to know that is not who you know yourself to be, it is not what you see in the mirror but something far more powerful and wondrous than you may imagine.

When you practice of "sitting" with you in silence every day you find clarity, an amazing peace, freedom and a sense of infinite harmony which is incomparable to anything in the every day life of this world.

Time to nourish your soul is also where you are able to access the power of self healing.

It is for you to offer time to yourself every day without exception. When you nourish your soul you shift your perspective of your life and attain a higher knowing or awareness if you will. Your soul needs nourishment every day, when you do this your mind is more clear, achieving the things you seek in your life is easier and your wholeness of wellness is far better than you can imagine.

Nurture your body for it is the vehicle in which the essence of who you truly are resides, the "house" for the amazing being that makes you uniquely you.

Your body offers tell tale signs and symptoms to you when the soul or essence of you is out of harmony and life isn't all that it can be.

To nurture your body you need to provide it with a great food source, fresh and natural food,

fresh air, sunshine, movement, water and breath.

There is one more thing that outweighs anything else for you to really nourish your soul and nurture your body. And that one thing is your thoughts and words which you use every minute of every day. No matter whether you speak out or simply think, it all matters.

The conversations you put energy into, the way you think of yourself and of others, the words you say to yourself all affect your soul and your body.

If you would like to change anything in your life, anything at all, then I ask you to make it a promise here and now to spend time nourishing your soul and nurturing your body, use these simple daily practices to get you started;

a) Spend 15 minutes sitting in silence on your own, do this for 3 days then make it 20 minutes, another few days and make it 30 minutes until you can sit in silence for 1 hour every day.

b) Make conscious choices about the food you eat, reduce sugar and processed foods to start with. Make fresh meals at home and sit at a beautifully set table to eat. In doing this you are offering nourishment of love to your soul and body.

c) Breathe with intent! Intention to draw in love and peace breath out stress and worry, fear and anxiousness.

d) Move your body, dance like no one is watching, walk and notice the beauty all around you or take up an exercise class that suits you or maybe a personal trainer, anything that you enjoy.

e) Check your conversations and leave any that are negative, miserable or gossip and join in with laughter, interesting stimulating inspiring chats.

f) Sit with you and BE. Repeat repeat.....

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