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Choose your Pricing Plan

  • Soul Mastery Group

    Every month
    Guiding you to live a peaceful, happier, healthier life
    Valid for 12 months+ 7 day free trial
    • Freedom, peace, happiness
    • Abundance in all areas of your life
    • Practices and keys to BE you
    • Joy, happy, harmony
    • Be free of pain & illness
    • Know your inner prowess
    • Have clarity with ease
    • Feel heard and listened to
  • Restore PLUS

    Every week
    Restore and Rejuvenate; Recipes and Private Sessions,
    Valid for 8 weeks
    • Restore Rejuvenate My Gut PLUS
    • Improve your mood,
    • In person sessions
    • Improve your libido
    • Lose weight
    • Feel great, learn how to restore your gut
    • Have more energy,clarity. Lose weight, feel good look great
  • Aligning You

    Every month
    Private Transformation Sessions with Gwenda
    Valid for 6 months
    • Aligning You For The life You Deserve
    • Feel free to speak
    • Learn how to listen to to your body
    • Align to your worth
    • Feel at peace in your own skin
    • Lose weight
    • Have more energy
    • Feel happy
    • Find how to have abundance in your life
    • Find the love you seek
    • Let go of a bloated tummy
    • One to one with Gwenda either online or in person
    • Leading ,nurturing, guiding you home to your higher self
  • School of Wisdom

    Every month
    Wisdom is your power
    Valid for 12 months+ 7 day free trial
    • Self paced learning
    • Know how to tap into your wisdom
    • Learn fundamental practices to change your life
    • Feel secure
    • Feel strong mentally
    • Feel centered and strong emotionally
    • Know how to navigate life challenge with ease
    • Feel without losing your head
    • Lose weight
    • Have clarity
    • Learn how to live on purpose
  • Vitality Plus

    A 4 week plan for clarity and energy
    Valid for 2 months
    • Restore Rejuvenate My Gut PLUS
  • Soul & Beyond

    Every month
    Leading ,nurturing, guiding you home to your higher self
    Valid for 6 months
    • Unlimited viewing of episodes of Soul & Beyond
    • Weekly episodes of insights and inspiration to support you
    • Guidance from Higher Guides, Spirit messengers, Angels
    • Feel the energy, receive the healing light, meditations
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