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Exclusively for Seekers of Soul Expansion & Gifted  Souls  

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 A sacred space for those who are born with higher awareness and those who seek to know the wisdom and wonders of their Soul. The Seeker is the person who knows they are different but does not "how or  why."

Who is the Spiritual School of W.E.S.H. for?

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Did you arrive in this world with the unique ability to see, hear, feel, taste, and sense other life forms and higher energies but don’t know how to harness or use your ability?


Are you struggling to live a balanced life because of what you see, hear, and feel?

Are you tormented by the spirit and the unseen?

Are you often left feeling left out or not understood, not having anyone to talk to who knows what it is like to walk in your shoes?

Do you want to harness your gift, to live a joyous happy life using your gifts?


Knowing the gift or gifts that have been granted, do you want to know how to be of service to others?

Is it time to embrace your gifts and delve into a higher level of knowing?

Are you the one who knows there is more to this life than can be seen but doesn’t know how to access this knowledge?

The one who feels different from others and doesn’t know why?

The one who wants to live a life through the wisdom and wonder of their soul?

Do you want to learn how to self-heal?

Would you like to embrace a higher consciousness, to see auras and energy fields?

Are you the seeker who wants to live an enriched, aligned life, being grounded and calm through your heart and soul?

Levels of Membership.png

More for The Spiritual School of W.E.S.H. Members

Join the Wisdom Circle, 2 days of intense learning and experiential experience in the magic of your inner power and self-healing, with Gwenda in person

Be ready for:

Experiential experiences

Deep awakening

Learning modules





Main: Online


A weekend ceremony of graduation for students who attend all modules,at the end of the course.

**Conditions apply**



time & frequency

1 hour live with Gwenda

and recorded classes


Tasks and assignments  to complete between live sessions.

Live Q& A with Gwenda once a month.

**Members of The Sanctuary of Inner Mastery receive  deep embodiment practice tuition with Gwenda. 30 minutes


Length of membership & course

12 months - 4 terms of 8 weeks

Learn to embody your gifts, enhance your abilities & awareness, through soul  expansion and self realisation.

Soul expression

Option to become a registered teacher of

The School of W.E.S.H

Conditions apply

** further 6 - 12 months**.

     Who  The  Spiritual School  of  W.E.S.H  is  not  for:

  • You do not wish to apply and embody the practices 

  • You who are stuck in old patterns of thinking and not willing to change

  • You’re not interested in exploring inner wisdom and personal power. 

  • Want a cheat way to  experience the sacred beings 

  • Want to work with the darkness

  • Seeking karmic influence on someone else

  • If you don’t like nature

  • If you are looking for finite answers and textbook training

  • You only want a certificate of completion

  • You are not able to be respectful of different experiences than your own

  • If you are closed-minded

  • Believe in what you see rather than what you can't see.

  • An avid follower of mainstream media 

  • Trusts in the Government

Perth, Western Australia    Tel: 61407939818

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Perth, Western Australia   Tel: 61407939818

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