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  Meet Gwenda

                "I believe everyone deserves to live a glorious life!"

My promise to you is that I will guide you to your inner power, and innate wisdom. To feel energy and vitality run through your body, to have a calm mind and peace in your heart this is the Soul-led way of living.  

       Live a passionate, purposeful, life with confidence and courage.


Shed the layers of old ways, all that weighs you down, and release your struggle, are you ready, truly ready?   Because time is ticking, and you have only one chance at this life so give it your best for your sake and everyone you love!


Connect with me to embrace the new you, now.




Gwenda Smith, a leader in Integrative and Spiritual Healing. Powerful mystic, mentor, medium and healer. Enthralling speaker and presenter

A leader in integrative Wellness
and Spiritual
 Healing  Mentorship  

A recognised leader in Integrated wellness and Spiritual Healing Mentorship. 
Energy Alchemist
The Healers Healer
Soul Practitioner 
A natural Seer
A healer, conduit of GOD's Divine Light
Internationally recognised Speaker
An Authentic Spirit Medicine Woman

Hello, I am Gwenda,
A life enriched and free is a Soul-led life.
A mind that is constantly noisy and demanding is a life of stress, worry, and fear. When you come home to the call of your soul and heart you find that life is happier, peaceful, and calm. You feel more confident and have more energy, vitality, and the courage to BE yourself.
My dedication is to be a way-shower for you. To open the way for you to embrace new ways, learning, sharing, expanding your consciousness, and changing habits for the best life, a glorious life. It is my greatest thrill to provide you with the keys to a Soul-led life, the path to living a passionate, purposeful life every day.
It hasn't always been that way for me I can assure you, from my first day at school, at the age of 6, I encountered the dark side of people. As if those years weren't enough of a challenge I was further ostracised for my ability to see, hear, feel, smell, and taste ghosts/spirits, of the light and dark. 
Having a natural ability to see beyond the 3-dimensional world has been both a gift and a curse. But it is who I am and what I am all about. Truly, a deeply spiritual life is the most harmonious, joyous life.
We are all on our path and yet we are intrinsically linked through the wonder of this lived experience we call life, our soul, and beyond.
There is so much to experience in this world and through the wisdom of our soul we can find the solutions, to anything that causes us pain, illness, or obstacles to a joyful, fulfilling life.
To help you navigate your life, I have a selection of pathways that bring you simple, practical tools and practices to support you in living the life you want to live. And to live a harmonious, peaceful, fulfilling, and passionate life.
I warmly invite you to take a look, we start here with; 
The Spirit Seekers Society is a beautiful space for open hearts and healing minds through unity, compassion, and soul growth. A place to join with other like-minded souls who are on their journey and want to be with those who "get them"

The Soul Mastery Collective: A powerful evolutionary online Mentoring Program: packed full of the wonderful aspects of living from your heart and soul.

Online Programs for restoring your wellness through improved gut health. Your gut is your foundation for living a higher vibration which means living a Soul-led life. 

A healthy gut is your key to wellness

A strong sense of who you are is your key to freedom

Knowing how to hear your inner wisdom is your key to abundance. 

The School of W.E.S.H is a sacred space for the Soul Seeker and Gifted soul, I take you on the path of knowing how to align with your heart and soul. If like me you have a powerful ability but find it a challenge or tormenting, then the School of W.E.S.H is for you to know how to ascend with your abilities/gifts while enjoying an enriched and free life. Balanced and grounded, with a strong, resilient heart and mind. 

To see Angels, Lord Jesus Christ, and other Deities has been nothing short of deeply humbling and wondrous. 
At the age of 40, I died... a medical enigma they said! Pregnant yet I had been sterile since I was 24. Slowly bleeding to death, the Doctor said if it wasn't for my level of fitness I would have died.

After 13 years of building my dream business and it was ripped out from under my feet, I lost everything.

I know what it is to lose everything to feel overwhelmed, fiercely angry, depressed, and lost.

I know what it is to be incapacitated, unable to feed myself, bathe, and move freely. 

To have nothing!

It was my deep alignment and belief, unwavering FAITH to the Almighty Divine that got me through those experiences, to know the way to live a Soul-led, passionate, purposeful life.


From this day forward for the rest of your life, are you truly ready to feel free, lighter, and have more peace, joy, harmony, love, and money for the rest of your life, to live a SoulFUL life?

Then you are in the right place and I invite you to join me and others like you, to BE all that you are and nothing less!

Are you ready to take the leap and live the life you truly want?


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Gwenda is One Woman's Country Director for Australia and New Zealand


Proud to be
part of

from Wellness Universe:


Gwenda is recognised for her contribution to bettering the world through the work that she does and we are honored to have her as an official #WUWorldChanger and #WUVIP (Wellness Universe Very Inspiring Person)!

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