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 Next Level School of Wisdom

A sacred space of learning for those who are born Gifted and the Soul Seeker, the person who knows they are different but not "how or  why."

Who we are looking for at The School of W.E.S.H.


Level 1


is in The H.E.A.L Community

 Join the H.E.A.L community here: 


  • Pre-recorded sessions, Guidance, Practices, and teachings for you to be able to expand your awareness and vibration, to connect to your Wisdom.

  • How to clear the mind and your energy fields.

  • Connect with like-minded people who are seeking to live a higher level of consciousness through working with the Guidance of their Spirit Guides, Angels, and Higher Self.

  • Preparation to develop your Spiritual gifts

Energy exchange $77.00 per/month
(Includes Exclusive Membership to the H.E.A.L Community) 

The Wisdom Classroom

In The Wisdom classroom, (level 2) Gwenda will guide and teach you how to connect with your Guides and Higher Self. So that, you are able to receive their guidance through all of your senses, the practices and tools she will offer you will open the way for you to learn how to live your life with the assistance of your Guides and Higher Self. In doing so you will find peace, harmony and find solutions to all that life brings to you.

I invite you to take a walk in my shoes...Visits from Spirit, seeing strange beings,visits from Angels. Conversations with the soul of babies and animals.

Conversations with the Grand Council. Channelling ascended masters and other higher beings

Seeing disease and illness in the physical body and energy bodies. Seeing the soul rise and leave the physical form as it perishes.

This is and has always been my life. I am in serive to all whom wish to feel safe an live aligned with their abilites that are beyond the 3 dimensional world


Rock Balancing

Level 2
Begins July 10,2023

  • Course duration: 4 weeks

  • Time: Monday evening 6 pm AWST / 8 pm AEST

  • How: Zoom, 1 hour 

  • Receive: School of Wisdom Workbook

  • Learn: How to tune and tone your vibration

  • Evolve and develop your Souls Spiritual gifts

  • Preparation to meet your Guide.

  • Guided meditations to meet your Guide.

  • Journal exercises

  • Creating the Sacred space to meet your Guide.

  • How to communicate with your Guide

  • How to be discerning, to know a lower-level entity

  • Meet your Higher Self.

  • Practical lessons

Investment: $885.35USD

Channel Guidance from your Higher Self & Guides

In The Wisdom Classroom, (Level 3) Gwenda will guide and teach you how to channel the guidance of your Guides and Higher Self. Channeling is an art and takes a high level of awareness, it is your gateway to living a life that is Divinely Guided. In that, you can know how to create the life you came to live, to know how abundance in all things yours can be. And most importantly how to self-heal.

Self-healing and abundance So, you can receive their guidance through all your senses, the practices, and tools she will offer you will open the way for you to learn how to live your life with the assistance of your Guides and Higher Self. In doing so you will find peace, harmony and find solutions to all that life brings to you.

Meditation by the Sea

Level 3

  • Course duration: 5 weeks    Intensive sessions.

  • How: Zoom for 75 minutes

  • Understand the art of channeling the message from your Guides and Higher Self

  • Guided meditations

  • Guidance to know the difference between the mind and the messages. 

  • School of Wisdom Workbook 


$1058.85 USD

The School of W.E.S.H.

The School of W.E.S.H

The opportunity to become a Student in the School of W.E.S.H:

Wisdom, Expansion, 

Self-Realisation and Healing await those who are in the School of Wisdom.

The opportunity to be a teacher in the School of W.E.S.H


The School of W.E.S.H offers practical, sustainable tools and practices to the;  

  • The Seeker 

  • The Gifted Soul

  • Become a teacher in the School. 

The Seeker is the one who knows there is more to this life than what can be seen but doesn’t know how to access this knowledge. He yearns to embrace a higher consciousness, to see auras and energy fields. He wants to live an enriched, aligned life, being grounded and calm through their heart and soul.

The Gifted Soul is those of us who come to this world with gifts to be of service to humanity and mother earth. These gifts may be the ability to see beyond the physical world, to receive messages beyond the systemised world and the earth mind, and to feel the presence of other Spirits and other beings. To have the healing light flow through us just by being an ear to someone who is in need.

These gifts can be overwhelming for many of us tormenting. We can find it difficult to feel secure and safe in this life, to know how to be grounded and balanced in our life.

Meditating on the Beach

Level 4

The challenge of living the life of the Seeker and Gifted Soul and the life we came to experience can be fraught with emotional and mental imbalances. But it doesn’t have to be this way, in the School of W.E.S.H you can learn how to harness the power of your gift and channel it into being the wonderful service to humanity that it is destined to be.

Learn how to live the most wonderful,peaceful, enriched, and joyous life as yourself while being able to use your Gifts to Light the way for others, to help healing take place for someone you care about or for someone seeking to know what you have looked for and for the future of humanity and mother earth.


The School offers you the pathway to awakening to be your true self, to embrace the wonder of soul expansion and ascension. This means that you live an aligned harmonious and enlightened life. 

Do you  still want to know more about
The School of WESH

Perth, Western Australia  |  Tel: 614079398180

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