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Gwenda Smith

Here to Serve You

  Our Soul Evolutionists and Ascension masters are here to serve humanity and pave the way for a better world of today and tomorrow.

Meet the Evolutionists


Gwenda Smith

Founder & Evolutionist

Steven North


Steven North is the founder of heart Activation Music, owner of  Star Point 9 and is a channel for Amy North. Steven & Amy are devoted to helping guide and uplift humanity. Their passion is to teach, to reach people on new levels and to open their eyes to see beyond what they now know.


Pam Siddins QLD

Elite Master B.E.S.T. Practitioner

Pam is passionate about empowering people to reach their highest potential and achieve their health, wealth and relationship goals.


Using her innate natural ability in combination with the B.E.S.T. modality to help you and those you love. By gently establishing a lasting connection with each one of her clients, allowing them the space and ability to realign their belief systems moving towards what serves each client best for living in today’s momentum.


Luanne Mareen


Global Goddess Gatherer, Divine Business Mentor & Goddess on Purpose

I help women around the globe get their lives and businesses on Purpose through embodying Purpose, Presence and Profit.


Kay Hamilton

Elite Master B.E.S.T. Practitioner

The Courage Activator supports you to ignite and magnify your passion, vitality and direction - setting a clear focused intention that creates fast results.


Highly intuitive, Kay has the wisdom and insight coupled with a deep wealth of knowledge of pure essential oils, colour and sound that can make profound change in her clients lives. Her one-on- one sessions go directly to the heart of the client’s issue, achieving the outcome the client desires.

Kays LOGO passion and purpose.png

Brenda Rodriguez


​HH Dip (A. Th.) Folk Artist{Artesanía}


Sacred Artist & Holistic Practitioner who honours her Ancestors Eurasian Indigenous healing modalities through her sessions and studies of Folk Art, Sacred Arts, Plant Allies, Holistic Art Therapy and Teachings of The Elementals, Ascended Masters and Crystal Healing.

Brenda Rodrigues.jpg

Christina McNickle W.A.

 Master Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner, and Coach in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a Master Practitioner in TimeLine Therapy.


I have been on my journey of self-discovery from a very young age, and my own healing work has enabled me to become a practitioner that helps people realise that your life can be changed very easily if you are truly wanting to let the past go and all of your dreams can indeed become reality.

Christina McNickle.jpg

Leah Kearns

Founder, Business Consultant and Healer

​HH Dip (A. Th.) Folk Artist{Artesanía}


As a conscious CEO with Autism, Leah works with multi-passionate, creative and neurodiverse entrepreneurs to create spaciousness by putting the big picture to work.

Leah knows that getting what you want in life is less about having all the answers, and more about knowing what you want and having the courage to create it. Although Leah’s purpose is to reveal the wizard of oz when it comes to business. It’s paired with her passion for making sure anyone who wants to have a purposeful business and be the wizard that designs their destiny, can.

With her no-build website hub platform ‘enlightenly’, Leah provides a purpose-built, global platform for creative, neurodiverse, and multi-passionate entrepreneurs.

Leah’s work was born from her lived experiences as a corporate escapee turned spiritual seeker and online entrepreneur. Which left her feeling misunderstood, isolated and disconnected. On leaving corporate Leah began by asking “what now?” 8 years later now starts with “what do I want?”, and “where do I start now”. Through working with her own Gentle Business theories, Leah has gone on to prove several successful business and life strategies.

Her Gentle Business mission is for you to grow yourself, as you grow your business.

For spaciousness and freedom, the gentle way.

Kathryn Vere 

Evolutionist joining us from the UK

Mentoring energetically sensitive people to deal with external chaos and inner torture by growing the light within themselves


Sensitively gifted people often feel they have to hold their wings in tightly, keep their dreams and struggles tucked away out of sight. They imagine their light won't show if they stand in the shadows.  They have a calling, but when they get close to it, the doubts and fears take over. The closer they get, the more they find their path is blocked.  Yet they cannot give up, because they know it's their time, and their light is needed. 


Kathryn is a highly experienced healer, qualified Transformational Life Coach, trainer and empath who understands how to hold the safest healing space, within which her clients' wings can start to gently unfold.  She accompanies each one as they journey through their darkest times; clearing ancestral patterns, childhood traumas, emotional and relationship issues. As they start to experience the light of their inner truth and wisdom, they are able to reclaim their gifts and master their mission.

Leah Kearns - headshot Scotland Islands.jpg

Mel Ryan

Challenges the way we have been taught to think, to see a different perspective, and to find the way we are meant to live. To love ourselves.

This is an Invitation To be 100% you;

To begin a journey to understand yourself, to understand your life and to be free.

To allow yourself to question and keep questioning until things resonate, until they make sense to you on the deepest level possible.

When all those little puzzle pieces make sense, this will enable you to then put them all together, so you can see the big picture; about you, your life, why you are here and what you are working on.

From the moment you see that picture you cannot ever un-see it. As you become present to you in your life. You have your answers, you stop apologizing for yourself, you listen to what feels right for you, and you give yourself permission for you to be in your life.

You were born for you.

Mel Ryan (1).jpg
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