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For The Love of Jack Lewis

Had you have met Jack Lewis, you would have thought what a handsome young man, sharp dresser, strong posture, fit, a strapping, healthy fella.

With a beautiful smile and a big heart, Jack Lewis pulled his mates from their darkest moment of despair telling them he was there for them and that everything would be alright.

But the impression you would have of Jack Lewis would be far from the truth of the handsome, well presented young man that stood before you.

It is said that we can never know what it is like to walk in someone else's shoes. Nor can we know what something is like until we experience it ourselves and even then it won't be exactly as it was for another person.

Throughout my years of working with people on relationships and love, from all around the globe, I have come to know that we can never ever know what is going on in someone's heart or mind.

Many a married couple will say " I didn't think my husband/wife would be like that..or do something like that" And I say, never assume you know anybody, no matter what your relationship is with them for we can never truly know another person.

And the reason for that is that we all only ever show the part of ourselves at any moment that we want to show.

So it was for Jack Lewis, behind the beautiful smile and sharp-dressing was a heart that couldn't be settled with love from others, happiness was fleeting. His love for fast cars and his fabulous Harley Davidson motorbike, even man's best friend his ever-loyal dog, Kingston could not stop the pain.

The darkness consumed his thoughts and overwhelmed him into severe states of panic and anxiety. Tormented beyond our knowing, in so much pain just being who he was trying to be while wanting others to see him as that person but all the while the pain was getting stronger, so strong that he felt there was nothing more he could do but to leave this world.

The outpouring of love for Jack Lewis has been incredible, to say the least.

The friends that he put his hand out to, to lift them from their place of despair and darkness are aghast with the shock and heartbreak of his passing.

One beautiful friend has been so moved by the loss of Jack that she has founded The Empathy Evolution Project, a project which we hope will make a difference for at least one person on the day and many, many more after.

Elizabeth wants Jack's struggle to be a legacy of hope to others, and through The Empathy Evolution Project, we will be that hand to lift up those who are in their darkest moments back to the brightness of their heart and soul.

The Empathy Evolution Project event will be held on May 1st 2022.

If you are in need of a helping hand to lift you up, to hold you while you find your courage and confidence and to align with your inner power. Or perhaps you know of a friend or family member who struggles to find their place in life, we welcome you to come to the event where there will be many hands to reach out to you and help you feel supported, heard and listened to.

If you would like to know more about the event please send us a message.

Jack Lewis is my beautiful nephew. For the love of Jack, we will love you forever.

Forever young.

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1 Comment

I have a son exactly like Jack(RIP), whom I wish I could pick him up out of his situation and help him. He is my first born and we love him so much.

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