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The World Of Spirit

"Can our loved ones hear and see us?"

Heartbreak and unbearable pain, at the loss of a loved one.

The loss of a loved one is I would say the hardest most difficult part of life.

We have all heard these one-liners around death" There are only 2 things that are certain in the world, taxes and death". The other is "No one lives forever, we all have to go some time."These throw-away lines are not the least helpful when we say farewell to our loved ones, I am yet to hear anyone say such things at a farewell. I call it farewell because I feel the word funeral, lacks soul and heart and the higher energy that resonates with the soul.

These are two of the most frequently asked questions that I am often asked by those who have said farewell to a loved one "Can our loved ones hear and see us?""Do they know how much I miss them?" and this one " Do they know I am sorry?"The pain of loss is insurmountable and overarching, the sense of heartbreak is tangible, to the point of heart attack, bouts of asthma, and even pneumonia.

Grief is an all-encompassing experience, the intensity of the emotions is so deep it takes its toll on the physical body in many different ways. It is said there are 5 stages to grief, and this can help people make sense of their feelings and reactions. But there are no set rules and processes for grief it has many facets and levels and is as individual as you are. How we work through it is personal.

Today, I would like to share some of the humbling experiences I have had being Heaven's Communicator. I must warn you that there may be a likeness to what you have experienced in some of these stories, in those moments I ask that you place a hand on your heart and softly, gently breathe, let the tears flow or a smile come to your lips. You see the answer to the question"" Can our loved ones hear and see us?" is straight-up yes. The world of Spirit is amazing, and Heaven is amazing, in fact, if you knew how good it was, you would want to be there more than here.

Your loved ones hear you, see you, and know how much you are hurting with their passing from this world. They answer your calls, but the pain you feel prevents you from seeing or noticing their reply.

Like the Angels when a call is put out to Heaven it must be answered, and that applies to your loved ones too, they must reply.When our loved ones can not get through to you, they will contact a medium like me, who can hear, smell, and see them, or a psychic who can sense them. It is truly a humbling privilege to be that conduit and I speak only for myself here when I say that I do not alter what I am shown or hear.

The reason I say that is I have been to psychics ( because I am asked to, which is a whole other story) and my Dad has turned up, I can see and hear him and what I get from the reader is their version, their interpretation of what he says not the actual message.

A long time ago I had a young man appear to me, he had taken his life and he did that in a beautiful park in the City of Perth, known as Kings Park. He asked me to tell Mum that he was sorry for the pain he caused her and that he loved her very much, he asked if she would plant a garden around the tree and go there to talk to him when she needed to. This was very healing for his Mum and for him.

A baby boy was born into this world and I met him only days after his arrival, his parents and I were friends. I knew this boy until he was around 13 when he lay in a hospital bed and asked me to tell his Mum that he was only to stay for 6 weeks. I could not do that, my heart was trapped, I couldn't tell my dear friend her only son had 6 weeks on this earth. After that day she would not take my calls or reply to me, it was some years before she told me that she "....never wanted to see that look on your face again"You see that day at the hospital she was able to know, to read the energy, she instinctively knew, as we all do that his time was not long for this world, but as any Mother or Father would do she fought to avoid that outcome. Her son stayed for as long as he could until there was no time left for this physical body to survive.

When I worked at a Fitness center, I was coming down the stairs with my client and a woman in the reception area shouted out "You, I was coming to kill you". Well, as you can imagine heads swiveled and people rushed out of the doors. I did not recognise the lady, she rushed toward me and said "I asked you about my baby and you said "The angels will take care of your baby" I lost my baby and I wanted to kill you, that day I went to get the rifle to shoot you"My gosh, I had no idea what she was talking about, I was at work training people to be healthier and fitter.

You see I did not talk about my abilities openly, I had experienced enough of being ostracised and despised for what I could see, hear, and do, so back then my "gifts" were only shared through word of mouth.What happened with this lady?

She calmed down and I was able to find out that she had come to me for guidance from Heaven's messengers, you might call that a reading or channeled session. She said that in the reading she asked about her baby and the guidance was " The Angels will look after your baby"...the reading went on and she asked again about the baby and the answer was the same.

She began to get upset when she told me that as she stood at the door to leave she said " We have painted the nursery pink" And the reply was " Your baby will be in good care with the Angels"So you see what the Angels were telling her was that her baby had decided not to come to this world but that was not what she wanted to hear. When she lost the baby she wanted to shoot the messenger, literally!

I have had the privilege of communicating with the souls of many babies who have chosen not to come into his world and it has been deeply healing for the Mothers. Because a big part of their grief is guilt and that is crippling for both souls.

One time I was driving down the Mitchell Freeway in Perth and a spirit appeared in my car, I really do get a fright when they do that! This young man wanted me to find his family and tell them that he had been pushed off the overpass by 3 men. Time came to pass and these men were charged over his death.

Spirit communicates all the time they only need for you to be in a calm, quiet space so they can talk with you. But when the grief is gripping our hearts and suffocating our breath it is difficult to find that space of peace and calm.

When you are feeling the immense pain of the loss of a loved one, I encourage you to place a hand on your heart and take some long gentle breaths, softly close your eyes, and when you feel a sense of calm in your body, imagine your love ones face in front of you. And ask them to let you know they are with you.

Now, let me tell you that the first time you try this you will likely cry or get angry. Your loved one cannot get through to you when you are upset. Be patient and kind to yourself and keep trying I promise you will feel them, or receive a sign from them this is going to take some practice. But it is worth every minute.

Often loved ones will use signs to let you know that they are around it could be a butterfly of a particular colour, a dragonfly, a book, the sound of a teaspoon tinkling on a cup, the smell of their perfume or aftershave, hair gel. Anything that you know is synonymous with them. They can also use a friend or another family member to get a message to you.

Watch for the signs and you will find the wonders of the amazing world of Spirit all around you every day.

Blessings and hugs of love to you.


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Grief can take over our lives if we let it. Comforting to read, loved ones, spirit communicates all the time, watch for the signs🙏🏼💚.

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