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"Fit for living, Well for life"

(c) Gwenda Smith 2024

When I did my certification to be a registered Master Personal trainer, in 2006, we had to come up with a slogan that we would use to make us unique to our clients and give our individual mark as a M.P trainer. “Fit for living well for life” (c) was and remains to this day my ethos, the unique slogan.


The experiences I had during my years of nursing certainly challenged my conditioned beliefs around sickness, illness, and disease. To this day I am grateful for those experiences. And the profound experience I had when I was a scrub nurse in operating theatres which changed my acceptance of illness, sickness, and disease for good!


Feeling good, being healthy and fit has always been a “thing” for me, so I guess that the decision to become a Master Personal trainer was really a natural progression on my career path.


I believe health and wellbeing are paramount to living a good life.

I also believe if there isn’t balance in the mind, body, and soul then there is pain and physical illness.


The knowledge and experience I achieved through nursing, combined with the training to Master Personal trainer was great for my clients and the Fitness centre I started at when I graduated recognised the value in my background and used it as a big part of their marketing.

They made good use of my skill set, but what they didn’t know was my secret gifts, to see into the body of clients and to know what was causing the health issues.

This was the cream on the cake you might say, clients would ask how I knew certain things and I would say “Well, you know I was a nurse” and leave it at that.


 I soon realised that these things were not enough to make the changes I wanted to achieve for my clients nor to meet the standard of Master Personal Trainer that I wanted and to realise my dream of having a Holistic Wellness centre.

“Ask and you shall receive” and that I did!

I would say “There has to be someone who understands health and wellness on a different level than the world of medical professionals and fitness training organisations.” The time came to register for the biggest fitness conference of the year and on that list of presenters, was Mr Paul CHEK, the answer to my wish.   


I soaked up his courses, and passed different certifications with CHEK Institute, now I felt my combination was complete.


My ethos of “Fit for living well for life”.

“Fit for living, well for life” I said earlier that I believe health and wellbeing are paramount to living a good life. And that is certainly true.

You might think “fit for living” means lifting weights running marathons, smashing it in an iron man competition, but no that is not it.

My ethos of “Fit for Living” is to have a wonderful sense of who you truly are and feel confident to live in your own skin being that true self every day.

To shine your radiance no mater what. And to have terrific mental tenacity and emotional resilience so that no matter what comes your way you can move through it and come out the other side stronger and more powerful in being your true self.

There are many challenges in our daily life and n those challenges are a wealth of treasures. Treasures that offer you the opportunity to live a richer, happier, harmonious life.


“Well for life” now this is how we look after our physical body so that it can overcome any so-called illness, disease, or injury. Being well for life is to be able to enjoy moving about with ease, to embrace the day with gusto and vitality. Well for life is to see things from a different perspective and be open to new ways of seeing things. To have a sense of humour and know how to let go of the small stuff.

To be well for life we must nourish our body and mind with good food, thoughts, and actions.

The key to being “Fit for living well for life “is to be aligned with your Divine self and the higher power the Divine Creator of all that is.


As such my style of mentoring paves the way for you to have better ways to manage your life and to understand yourself on a higher level of awareness, what we could say is consciousness.


Many people wade their way through life without ever really participating. Many wade their way through being weighed down with illness, disease, and discord. Others talk constantly of things never being enough, not having enough. And so, it goes. 

To me, life is something that requires us to be fully present and participate in every day.

Fitness is not one size fits all, there are many ways to be fit.

Health, however, is a whole other facet of our well-being and there are fundamentals that are a must-do for everyone. 

Habits and patterns of behaviours begin to develop from the time we arrive in this world. Many of these create blocks to our ability to hear the guidance of our soul. 

Healthy and fit is a promise to our soul, our physical self is the home of our soul during our time on earth.

I have always been involved in fitness both competitively and for my own health and well-being.

BEING FIT HAS SAVED MY LIFE TWICE. Being aligned to my Divinity and the Divine Creator has made my life far more joyful. I live in a flow of harmony and peace.

                                                   You can too!


How can I help you and where do we start?


Through our Holistic all-encompassing strategies, you will find you can live happier, healthier, and stronger. We will take you through a life changing journey showing and helping you how to feel the benefits of things we take for granted every day such as breathing, walking, and eating. Our process will enable you to become calmer and peaceful within yourself, allowing you to face the stresses of everyday life with greater clarity, you will find that you will gain inner peace and achieve more with purpose each day, enjoy your work be free of back pain. Your physical body will become healthier internally and stronger on the outside.

How do we start; by looking at you inside out; your food habits, gut health, sleep patterns, breathing, how you respond to stress. Body composition fat vs lean muscle, posture, confidence, and sense of self.

What could you expect to experience: Techniques to improve your energy, stamina, and strength. Exercise sessions to suit your body, safe and correct progression of building muscle. Seminars on health, wellness, and fitness to get you to your goals. Become more productive at work, learn how to be pain free; back, knees hips.

Learn how to breathe away stress, enhance your concentration, feel centered, and be more productive in your place of work.  Meditation to quieten your mind and bring calm and inner strength. Nutrition plans that work, are easy to prepare and cost effective. Shopping tours

Who are our clients: Men and women who want to know how to live healthier, stronger, and happier, know how to focus, are determined, who want to achieve their goals, and want to experience a complete approach to their well-being. People who say, “I can” and “I will”.

Here are 10 simple steps for you to begin with today:

Foundations for Family Life Today and Tomorrow

1. Know your values and live them

2. Speak and act in the way you like to be treated

3. Teach boundaries for your spouse and children

4. Make mealtime a time of nurture for everyone

5. Take responsibility and teach responsibility

6. Acknowledge kindness and consideration

7. Acknowledge effort and achievement  

8. Encourage activities which create calm and peace

9. PIay, Laugh & Love with an open heart

10 Love unconditionally; Love teaches kindness, love teaches consideration, Love teaches respect and compassion. Love is the most powerful emotion it unites families and provides a solid foundation for everyone.


I don’t believe in “I can’t”. You can achieve and do anything you are willing to do.


Enjoy this path to “Fit for living, well for life” and if you would like to know more, we would love to see you in the Spirit Seekers Society

Blessings to you


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