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BE Your Own Master

Slave or master which will it be?

When I was growing up ( still a work-in-progress!) the shops closed on weekdays at 5 pm, sharp, and 12 noon on Saturdays. And on Sunday only the corner Deli was open.

Sundays were for family and maybe friends but mainly a rest day at home, with Grandparents over for lunch or afternoon tea.

The shopping got done, the housework got done, and if you ran out of something you made do with what you had.

Bedtime was known and it was not negotiable, neither was a bath or shower before bed.

The phone, if you were lucky enough to have one, was attached to the wall, no walking around the house multi-tasking while on the phone, or cramping between your neck and shoulder while seeing to a baby or toddler.

The funny thing too was that people didn't ring at all hours of the day and night and over the weekend.

Going visiting was something to do on the weekends and usually for a reason not for something to do. If there was ever a night out it was because there was something on for the adults.

We went bushwalking, crabbing, fishing...well actually, we played on the beach and in the bush while our parents, Grandparents Aunts, and Uncles fished off the beach and waded in the water catching crabs or collecting firewood.

Here we are in 2023 and the shops are open 24/7, the phone is an attachment of the body like an extra appendage and often it is even an addition to the table setting as it sits on the table while you are having a meal (not in my house!) whether at home or out.

There never seems to be enough food or enough something as we no longer have to think about preparing and having what we need over a period of a week or fortnight. The shops are always open.

It is said we have advanced as a race, that technology is our amazing advancement and it has enriched our lives. Being served by a robot is thought to be an advancement of humanity.

And yet, we are busier than ever, forever searching for something that we think is missing and the idea of a work-life balance is a dream for so many people.

According to the media and medical statistics, we are more unhealthy now than we were 30 years ago! With all the medical advancements how can this be?

There are cameras watching you everywhere you go, which means someone is looking at a monitor all day watching people move around and go about their daily life.

How is this the way of an evolving soul?

Cars and vacuum cleaners are connected to the technology of the "cloud", traced and tracked with little to no awareness of the driver of either. In all of this, there is a loss of the mastery of the soul rendering one's life to being chaotic, anxious, depressed, worried, and sick.

Back again to when I was growing up, respect was shown in so many ways, and it seemed to be a natural way to live. Now it is called boundaries and so many people are having to find out what it means to have boundaries and how to set them in their life.

A life without boundaries is full of overwhelm, stress, and fear. Your health suffers and there is a constant struggle leaving you feeling exhausted and unfulfilled.

The onset of Social media has been a major contributor to the loss of alignment with one's soul and inner peace. Yes, there is no doubt that the concept of social media opened up a new world and a new way of staying in contact, no matter where you are in the world or what you are doing. Though it seems to be a necessity to be taking selfies and action shots of your holiday to post on social media instead of being present in what you are experiencing and where you are.

The cost of social media is the loss of respect and therefore personal boundaries, everything is focused on the external world, looking for validation, approval, acceptance, and excitement of the "likes" and it has also created a disrespect for family life, the value of time and how to be the master of ones own life

Your soul yearns for you to know it intimately, to feel its incredible richness, and to live through its wisdom, wonder, and joy. For you to be the master, not the slave.

Time waits for no man so it is said, but through knowing your true self and aligning with the inspiration of your soul you can master time!

So what will it be for you slave or master!?

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