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Insights From a Head Injury

Gwenda Smith
A face I didn't recognise as me

Amazing insights from a severe head injury.

You know I am often taking the participants of my pathways through the musing of the mind and how powerful our thoughts are.

The human being is an incredible creation, which is why I love to explore how we function and how our physical body is not the essence of us, meaning it is not the soul.

You've no doubt heard or read that the physical body is the home of the soul for this lived experience. Sometimes it is referred to as the temple of the soul, but, mmmm, I'm not so sure it is a temple for the ways we treat it!

Many people write, speak, and offer courses on how our thoughts affect our health and spiritual development. Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Wayne Dyer, and Louise Hay come to mind. And yours truly!

So, a few weeks ago I was heading home after walking and exercising at a local park where I might say I have walked for 12 years.

I was feeling particularly happy with my efforts as I walked toward a beautiful part of the park where there was a lovely family of trees. And I was saying my morning Prayer. In part of that prayer, I give thanks for " having a strong powerful mind, body and soul".

And the next thing I know I am standing in my bathroom with an elderly lady whom I have never met. Blood was streaming down my face, and my arms and clothes were covered in blood.

Coincidences, do you believe anything in this world is a coincidence?

The kind lady took me to the Doctor's surgery, co-incidence #2 the Dr who has been our family Dr for over 30 years is also her Dr. So she knew where to take me

Co-incidence #1 - she said she was never at the park to meet her friends at the time she was that day.

The Dr was astounded at my injury and as he sutured the gash he was saying "I'm sorry Gwenda I can't make this a neat line there is flesh missing and it's all jagged"

Little did I care, I was in deep shock and knew nothing of what had taken place.

The next day he rang to see if I was OK. He told me I was lucky to be alive as I was so badly injured. The insights from a head injury are life-changing if you take that perspective and approach.

Fast forward, to the insights I have from this incident.

The brain uses a tremendous amount of energy to think.

Insight #1 " If we knew this from childhood we would not waste energy on low thoughts and emotions.

Insight #2 Emotions cause pain in the brain literally!

Insight #3 When we become acutely aware of the incredible energy we exert to think and speak we can shift our frequency to a much higher level. Which creates new ways of living in a state of peace and harmony.

Now I must say Insight #3 is a big part of what I teach. So it is not new to me, what is new is the effect thinking has on the brain.

Insight #4 The brain and CNS require total rest to heal.

I was sure I was superwoman so I returned to being of service to clients.

Insight #5 How wrong I was. I needed time to heal my brain and body. To clear the shock.

Insight #5 Screens of all kinds and sizes deeply affect the brain and energy of the body. Which in turn must affect the energy fields of your life force.

Insight #6 Caffeine of any kind e it in coffee, food, or tea has an immediate negative impact on the brain.

This incident has been a treasure of opportunities, that have paved the way for me to know the path of healing is one that is even more wonderous than I have always thought it to be.

The physical body is an amazing creation, we however create such pain and disturbance in our minds that in turn create damage in the body.

It has been some 8 or 9 weeks since the incident and only now am I truly feeling I am back. What do I mean by "I am back"?

Well, the effect of this injury created such a disturbance in my psyche that I was no longer aware of many things that I knew to be the lady or person I knew myself to be.

Did you know that many people who experience a severe head injury often are diagnosed with what is labeled mental illness, with labels such as schizophrenia, multi-personality disorder, and deep depression?

The medical system or rather those who teach medical students to become Doctors and all associated levels of Pmedicla Practioner studies have much to learn about the human being as a soul in a physical form. In fact, I confidently can say that they have much to learn about what it is to be a soul having a human experience in this world.

This incident in which the Dr repeatedly told me " I am amazed that you are alive" has created a wonderful knowing of all that I love to teach and guide others to live a Harmonious Enlightened ALigned Life, that is ot live a fulfilled, passionate life guided by your Soul.

I am grateful and humbled for all that is my life every day. I hope that you feel that way about your life too.

GOD bless.


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