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Near Death into the Afterlife

Throughout my life, I have had wonderful and amazing interactions with people who have passed from this world. This has been humbling and joyous as it brings comfort to the family and friends who are in deep grieving for their loved ones.

On many occasions, I have had unexpected visits from beautiful souls who have lost their way, as they communicate with me to find out what has happened or where they need to go now.

In addition to that I have had encounters with Archangels, Angels, deities, and Elemental beings to name a few.

An area of my work is dedicated to bringing you to the practices of living through the guidance of your soul, and it is amazing to watch my clients evolve and embrace the powerfulness of your soul

There are some amazing experiences that I have had be it with the spirit or Soul of someone who has passed or with that of someone who is in a coma in hospital. This is especially amazing, as so many people do not realise that when a loved one is in a coma they are nearby, they can see and hear everything that is going on around them.

Sometimes they travel through their body however they and not go too far because the living physical body is attached through the sliver chord of life that has yet to finish in this world.

Family members have often called me to attend to their love in the hospital when the Drs have been unable to wake the person out of the coma or they are not able to say what is wrong with the loved one that they won't wake up.

These times are especially deeply humbling as I am able to communicate with the love done for them to speak with the family.

I came across..or was it orchestrated, the real-life experience of a lovely lady, her name Penny Wittbrodt.

Penny lives in the USA, she was a nurse, at the time of her near-death experience. She is a mother and a wonderful testament to there being more to this life than can be seen with the physical eyes or known by the mind.

I am delighted to be having Penny on the Soul & Beyond presentation, which is a weekly event on the HEAL with Gwenda website.

Guiding and teaching others to know how to access that higher awareness so that they have the skills to overcome all that life brings their way and not only that but to be the master of their own life is one of my greatest joys.

You see when we live our life through the guidance of our true essence, being our soul we can see beyond what is in front of us and we can see the way out of what is appearing as darkness or heaviness.

Life, death, dying, and in between, or is it beyond?

Will you be curious, will you seek a higher awareness to live a most fulfilled life?

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