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The Gateway to a new decade

A new year is under way, the gateway to a new decade, wow, how exciting is that!?

Have you made it a new year, or have you dragged yourself in from last year with the same ole, same ole!?

What small changes have you started with so far? For me it has been clearing and reorder of the material part of my world. Things, things we accumulate thinking we need them and possibly at any given time we did need them. They are sure to have served some purpose. But all things have a time and place. And when we learn to let go we make new space in our life in more ways than one. It is not just space the material item took up that we see, it is something far greater than that. Do you know what it is?

Reading and silence have been my other enjoyment. "Silence is golden" is an old saying, there is certainly a lot of truth and weight in old sayings. Are you able to sit in silence in your own company or are you in constant noise and endless chatter?

What did you keep saying to other people at the end of last year? Perhaps that you wanted a better year next year, or to be more well, have more money, do more travelling, get a better job...the list is long for most people. And the constant thread of it all is a want for MORE and BETTER.

For many people in the east coast of my home country of , Australia, there is devastation and great loss. Fire has ravaged huge areas of land, taking with it homes, farm animals, precious forests and many hundreds of our native animals. Suddenly the lament for MORE halts as people come together to help those who have been affected by the tragedy of the fires.

The lament changes from the personal want of MORE or BETTER to anger, blame, and even hysteria. The focus on social media posts is predominately blame and anger toward the Government and political leaders. And the other flurry of posts are those which bring distress and upset.These type of posts give rise to conversations which are emotionally charged with grief, sorrow and sadness.

There is no doubt that the loss of lives, homes and animals is massive. And the distress for all involved is heart shattering.

For everyone who is not directly affected it is vital that we be more aware of our thoughts and conversations. Blame, anger, hysteria, fear and negative words are all of the lowest energy none of which bring any kind of effective help,outcome or change.

Energy creates vibration so if we want to help anyone at any time the best way we can do that is to hold a space of the highest vibration we possibly can. No matter where we are in the world energy moves constantly flowing all over the world.

If you need or want to test this all you have to do is think about what it feels like when you get angry or frustrated, a very simple example is when a driver aggravates you on the road. What do you FEEL in your body? When you see children laughing and playing what do you feel, what most often happens on your face? You smile! You feel happy, your body feels good. All emotions are energetically charged, be it in high vibration or low.

How can you send the highest energy vibration to those in need? Send them love though your thoughts. Practice giving gratitude for all that you have today and every day, send thoughts of gratitude to those in need, that they are safe, and for all the help and support they are receiving. Practice random acts of kindness today and every day. Remember everything you do and say creates an energy, which affects the vibration all over the world.

For me, in addition to the practices I mention above, it is prayer and gospel singing that are my go to in times of hardship for my fellow mankind and when mother earth is hurting. You see I am no stranger to FAITH in fact unwavering FAITH and BELIEF, but sadly this is not so for many people these days and this is the reason we have so many people with anger, sickness, anxiety and other low vibration ways of living.

Lift your vibration charge up the energy that you send out right now, make it as bright as a lighthouse in a storm, fill it with love,kindness and compassion.

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1 Comment

Maria Bateman
Maria Bateman
Nov 08, 2021

Thank you Gwenda, these are some of my practices, prayer and singing, sending love and good vibrations. One of my favourite prayer/hymn is 'Make me a channel of your Peace ~ Prayer of St Francis ❤️

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