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There are no half-measures in being Divinely Aligned

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Divinely aligned...There are no half measures, either you are aligned to your Divinity & the Almighty Divine (Buddha, Krisha, GOD, etc) or not.

To think that you can have one foot in the garden of The Almighty Divine and the other with the Prince of Illusions in this world is to be in a never-ending life of pain, illness, discord, upheaval, uncertainty, fear, struggle, and anxiety. The list doesn't stop there, life is like a pinball where it feels like "Life isn't fair". Or " Why is the universe doing this to me" or "Things always go bad for me" But most of all it is to live a lie!

The recent events around the world have bought to light (pun not intended) just where the alignment is for most human beings. When the want to travel, to be out socialising, to go to shows, and theatres were of greater importance than aligning with one's Divinity and The Almighty Divine the future of humanity was in great trouble.

To think that things are all good and back to normal is to be deeply in the illusion of the Prince of darkness and not aligned even with one foot!

If you are not aligned at least own it! The yoga teacher who forced the mask, the yoga teacher who played the game, the school teacher who forced the jab, the nurse that refused to care for the unjabbed, the Dr who abandoned the Hippocratic oath, the spiritual healer who took the RATS and PCR (often using a relative as the excuse) or even more out of alignment had the jabs! The Roman Catholic, or any religious person who claims to be aligned with GOD and prays but shut people out of the congregation, the Priest who pushed the mandates.

I am blessed to have met so many true souls of Divine LIGHT who know what it is to be truly aligned. Much love to you all.

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