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Transition & Transcendence

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Radiance of the soul heals humanity and the universe.rldosul heals the world
Transition to a higher radiance of your soul

In every minute of every hour of every day, there is a subtle transition around you and within you. Most often it goes unnoticed until there is something that stops you in your tracks maybe the news of the passing of a loved one or someone you once knew. Maybe it is the loss of your job or an illness. Any one of these events forces change upon you and yet even in these moments, the change is most often resisted. It is part of the construct of this world to form an attachment to the people and things in your life. You attach yourself to what you see around you and how it looks, feels, and even more how it makes you feel. In the last 3 years the way of life as we knew it was thrown into chaos and we were all forced to abide by the demands of people we have no idea about, only that we have been led to believe that they know what is in and of our greatest good. The wonder in all that is the opportunity that was presented for you and me to see where we have been sitting in our alignment with our Divine soul and the Almighty Divine. Our attachment to what we knew is the greatest stumbling block to the future of evolving ourselves and to the future of humanity as a collective. Our attachment to our beliefs of what we believed to be real and true stands in the way of the transition that is going on right now. Will you be a contributor to the transition of humanity's transcendence? At this point in "time"(another construct for this world) the earth is transitioning in preparation for the next level of humanity's collective transcendence. It is time for everyone to pause and see how the world around us is in our eyes. You see the view of how you see the world is an extension of how you see yourself. And that is where you are in what is called consciousness or greater awareness. And as we transition to a higher level of awareness in the collective consciousness of humanity the view from our own eyes shifts. Holding onto what was, believing that there are things to be held onto stifles the transition and therefore the transcendence of humanity. How will you transition, and evolve, can see where you are in your own transition now? You see how you transition in those subtle shifts of every moment of every hour is how you will be able to shift with this transition of the earth and humanity. Letting go of the constructs, letting go of the old patterns of believing in a system that has bound you for decades and decades, and letting go of attachment are the ways for you to evolve and embrace the transition and become one with the transcendence of humanity. The transition that began some time ago and is becoming more and more powerful every day is possibly the biggest that humanity has ever seen. Where will you be when the transition is finished, well that is this time for there are sure to be many transitions as long as humans are collective in this world. The level of your consciousness or greater awareness is the determining factor for where you will be at the end of this transcendence of humanity and the future of human beings. To move forward is to not attach to the old and to not abide by a system that is the slavery of the human soul. Where are you now and where will you be?

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