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The LORE and the Law

Speaking with GOD in the early hours of the morning, I had asked how I may serve humanity during this chaos in the world just now. The feeling that came over me, the sensation was an intense and wondrous sense of love.

And then came the words..this is what I quietly listened to and I hope that the message will be of help to you, that you too may feel the presence of the Divine as you move through each new day.

Many people think GOD punishes them, the Church has led its followers to believe that they will be punished by GOD.

GOD is pure LOVE there is no punishment from GOD.

The bible tells of fathers sacrificing their sons , this was seen as their testament of service and obedience to GOD but they were so, so wrong in what they perceived .

The "tests' of sacrifice were not to win GOD'S favour as was believed to be the way at the time, nor were sacrifices to please GOD. The test of service and obedience was to awaken man from his limited vision and perceptions created by his denial of FAITH, BELIEF and TRUST.

GOD'S LORE delivered as the 10 commandments which were the way of Divine LORE, a way for mankind to live with respect and honour to himself and all living beings.

Sadly not all of mankind were then or to this day able to be honourable to the LORE so mankind introduced punishments for breaking each of the commandments.

There became Law and rule and control, over time mankind has been controlled more and more by Law with most of mankind moving further and further away from GOD'S LORE.

So what is GOD'S LORE?

Love Over Rides Everything...LORE . If you look over the faith and belief systems of Buddhists and Yogic teachings they are founded on love being the greatest foundation and healer of life. Many of the wonderful Spiritual teachers throughout time have written about the power of love and all that its brings to our life, that it is the way to live a well and prosperous life.

Again mankind has lost his way with LOVE and through moving further away from GOD'S LORE love has became something of possession, attachment not only to a person but to material possessions and desired success.

The pure love of GOD is not possessive, jealous or attached nor is it demanding or arrogant. Pure love and joy is all that the soul knows, these are our eternal gifts from the creator, GOD as I call the Divine.

Those who have remained in TRUE FAITH, BELIEF and TRUST remain in the Grace of GOD and continue to live by Divine LORE, the LORE of GOD. Those who have returned to the LORE in recent times are still finding their way and feeling the struggle between the control of man's Law and Divine LORE, will soon find their way home to FAITH and TRUTH once again.

It is said man has been led to believe that Law is to avoid anarchy for without law there will be anarchy.

GOD's LORE is pure love, where there is pure love there is no anarchy.

Returning to the LORE means to the purity of the SOUL, where there is unconditional love and pure joy which means ultimate harmony..the authentic soul where there is no struggle.

FREE WILL and it's complications...As ye will it so it shall be... As a man thinketh so he shall be..

These are powerful and very old sayings, many times old is considered no longer relevant to modern life. This couldn't be further from the truth, it is one of the reasons so many people struggle in this modern life.

Back to the message of GOD's LORE...It is only in the form of humanness in 3rd dimension world that FREE WILL is experienced. The wonder of FREE WILL is to be the co-creator of one's reality, that is life in the 3rd dimension.

Through FREE WILL man experiences the implications of "choice" from which arises suffering and challenges.

The will of man is the power each man has, it is his unknown ability to create all that he perceives he needs and may call it thinking/thoughts I call it WILL, FREE WILL.

It is hidden wisdom and yet so readily accessed every day, though it is accessed for materiel possessions, money,possession, control,power and dominance.

WILL power is used ever so flippantly without realising the combination of what one is saying.."I haven't got any will power".

This means I am giving away my power, I don't belong, not believing,no faith.

To speak these words removes one's connection to being the co-creator of life in the 3 dimensional world.

The WILL of GOD is the gift of GOD, given in Divine love to every soul of GOD's children.

It is only when law of man is the way of life that we become attached to things,possessions,people and life itself.

At this time in the world many thousands of people will experience tremendous pain and suffering,many will perish and leave this world. The greatest fear being experienced

at this time is mortality...only in FAITH BELIEF and TRUST is it known that we are immortal. But being so removed from GOD'S LORE so many people are attached to life itself, the fear rises within and creates chaos and intense dread and fear.

This is the time of the Phoenix, the cleansing the purifying of the earth for she has been in ruination through greed and forces of other species.

Life as it has been cannot be sustained.

Fire cleanse and clears, from the fire t

he new emerges. A new earth new specie new world of LORE is emerging.

See fire as you will as your eyes and mind perceive that which is put before you . Some who are awake will call it illusion, the illusion created by those of law.

The WILL of GOD rises in those who have always been in his grace that is those who live his LORE.

So it is, blessed be.

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